Posted about 7 years ago

A Book recommendation that will help your personal and business life.

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My last post about must read books was a hit and I want to share with everyone a book that influences my everyday life. I wouldn't call it a business-only book because it can provide abundant wealth in every aspect of your life. If you live your life based upon the secret in this book every facet of your life will change. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill is the most influential book I've read in my life. Napoleon Hill reached heights in his life based on the knowledge, contacts, and information he gained from Andrew Carnegie.

This book outlines a secret that Napoleon Hill refuses to spell out onto the pages. Rather, he wants his reader to use deductive reasoning to discover the secret and note when he/she realizes the secret. His book is the foundation for many of today's self-help and motivational books. Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, W Clement Stone, and many others have derived their teachings based off of the framework described in this book.

It is an extremely long book and I'd recommend getting the audio version to listen in the car or while working out to get through it. It's not an easy read, but is a very important one. Not many things that give great reward in life are easy. This goes along with my earlier post that states it doesn't take a thousand dollar guru course to gain immense amounts of information. I promise if you take the time to listen or read this book twice this year it will change your personal and business life for the better.

I'm sure many of the investors here on biggerpockets have read the book, I'd love to hear them weigh in and provide their comments below. As always you can subscribe to my blog by clicking to the right.