Posted over 5 years ago

Story Time With Jeff. episode 11. I Burned My House To The Ground.

     This is by far, my most popular blog post here on Bigger Pockets. In this podcast (Story Time With Jeff. episode 11.) I add some details of how I was able to do a much appreciated service for my community while securing a large tax deduction. Opportunities to make similar donations will not present often. (I have been contacted by a few investors who were considering doing this with their properties.) I would be thrilled if more people were familiar with this story so they might also consider this strategy. Please help me share this blog and podcast. I am happy to answer any questions you may have below or, better, in the comments section of the original blog: I Burned My House To The Ground. (If you click through to the blog you will find photos of a burning house. Who doesn’t like looking at photos of fires?)

     Thanks for your help.                                                          

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