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50 Questions real estate agents should ask potential hiring brokers.

50 Questions real estate agents should ask potential hiring brokers.

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1. What is the company culture like here?

2. How many agents work at this brokerage?

3. Does this brokerage have part time and full time agents?

4. Is there a minimum sales productivity goal? If so, what is it?

5. Does this brokerage have mandatory meetings? If so, how often?

6. Does this brokerage have mandatory office hours or desk duty?

7. Is there a desk fee? If so, how much?

8. Is there a fee for E & O? If so, how much?

9. Is there any other on going fees? If so, what and how much?

10. What kind of training does this brokerage provide?

11. Is the training free? If not, how much does it cost?

12. What kind of administrative support can I expect from the brokerage?

13. At what times do I have access to the office?

14. Does this brokerage provide leads to it's agents? If so, how and when do            I receive leads? 

15. Do I have the ability to shadow under a top producing agent?

16. How much money does the brokerage spend on company advertising?

17. What type of advertising campaigns does the brokerage run?

18. Does this brokerage deal in residential real estate?

19. Does this brokerage deal in commercial real estate?

20. Does this brokerage work with tenants?

21. Do I need to become a Realtor to work for this brokerage?

22. Do agents work in teams or do their own thing at this brokerage?

23. Will I be able to do open houses for other agents?

24. Do I have to pay for my lockboxes?

25. Do I have to pay for my yard signs?

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26. Do I have to pay for my riders?

27. Does the brokerage offer any advertising assistance? If so, how much?

28. Is there a company handbook?

29. What is the dress code?

30. Is the office open on holidays?

31. How many listings does the brokerage have?

32. Does the broker/owner work directly with clients?

33. Does the brokerage do property management?

34. What type of market share does the brokerage have in the local neighborhoods?

35. Are there sales contest or awards?

36. Do I have to pay for my own MLS dues?

37. What are the brokerages short term goals?

38. What are the brokerages long term goals?

39. Where is the brokerage going to be in 5 or 10 years?

40. Does the brokerage hire investors who are only interested in doing their own deals?

41. What commission do agents at this brokerage charge sellers?

42. Are commissions negotiable? If so, can I make that decision or do I need permission?

43. Does the brokerage charge buyers a brokerage or transaction fee? If so, is the fee negotiable?

44. If I sell my own home what commission do I have to pay to the brokerage?

45. What commission split would I start at?

46. Is the commission split negotiable?

47. Do I have the opportunity to earn a higher commission split? If so, is it permanent or does it reset at the beginning of the next year?

48. Do I earn a fee or commission for referring another agent work at the brokerage?

49. Does the brokerage offer any medical benefits?

50. Is there any profit sharing or residual income?

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About the author:

James Wise is the Broker and Owner of The Holton Wise Property Group, a real estate brokerage and property management company operating in the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

Comments (4)

  1. This is exactly what I need for my next interview even though I am probably going to use some of the questions to not annoy my potential sponsoring broker haha. Thanks, James for the content!

  2. @James Wise Thank you James! This was exactly what I have been looking for. I will be receiving my license soon and I am interviewing Brokerage firms now. I am very grateful for this post!

  3. Good questions...but I could see a broker getting frustrated answering all these lol

    1. That's exactly what I though. It is a lot of questions to ask in one sitting.