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Posted almost 9 years ago

Top 10 Sites Real Estate Websites To List Your House For Sale

Selling a home is not as easy as most people believe it to be. It took me almost a year to get an interested party to purchase my house which was in the market for the whole year. It took a lot of learning and research to finally sell my house. I later learned that the internet would have made my work much easier if I had visited property websites. 

I went out to my friends and some of them were very helpful as they all suggested to me several real estate sites they used to sell their houses. Below are some of the top sites to visit when you are in need of a buyer:


This is a common site as most people visit the site to look for vacant apartments or for the purpose of buying a home. It said to be the best site to sale a house as it is designed with both the desktop and mobile platform. This means that with an internet connection, anyone can visit the site. This site also has a mortgage calculator and has a GPS inbuilt system that makes it easy for your buyers to know the exact location of the house on sale.

2. Craigslist

Craigslist can help you sell your home considering it has more than a billion visitors. Most people are known to post ads of their homes in this site and according to customer’s reviews; most people have sold their homes successfully. The craigslist is easy to use as all you have to do is to open a craigslist account and go to the post a new ad The site has an option that states 'housing offered' then select the subcategory option of selling your home as the real owner. After the setting up process, the next thing is to wait for a buyer.

3. eBay

EBay with its popularity attracts all sorts of property buyers. With eBay, you will first need to set up your account and then proceed to posting your house with a good description of how your house looks. The site is unique as it attracts all sorts of people. You can be a retired couple and still sale your house without anyone getting into your nerves.

4. Zillow

Most visitors are satisfied by the services this site offers. It has a wide access of homes being sold by other home owners. It has all the search tools like the GPS locator, voice search, plus it allows you to search by a specific location. Another plus of the site is that it is equipped with an updated search results which will allow a buyer to find any buildings or schools that are close to your home.

5. has the most visitors per day than any other site. Find a buy and sell group and post your house in the group. Most of the visitors in the group will be all serious buyers or sellers meaning you won’t have to worry about the many jokers who like to make fun of everything in the famous social media platform.


Like, Amazon has also made a name for it- self as it offers sells of anything from used items to even property sells. To advertise your house, you will need to first set up an account and navigate yourself to the sell your product section from where you will quote your price and wait for an interested buyer to contact you.


This site is set up to favor both the buyers and sellers. It makes it easy for you to make all the sales transaction through the internet saving you a lot of time. When a sale is made successfully, all other successful sellers agreed that the transaction time was fast and very reliable.

8. was initially formed to make it easy for home owners to sell their homes through the use of technology. Most customers buying homes have rated the site to be reliable. It’s active in 22 U.S markets.


This is also a good site to post the sale of your house. It has a long listing that is run by the National Association of realtors. The site is always up to date which makes it easy for a buyer to view your new ad once you have made a post on this site.


This site is specifically for home owners who are not ready to give a commission to a sales agent. As a seller, you will get to sell your own house to the buyer without the need of the middleman who at the end of the day will need a small commission from you.

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