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What To Do When The Seller Rejects Your Offer!

Seller Rejection

What to do when the Seller rejects your offer!

We all have to deal with it. It's one thing when the Seller tells you no over the phone. It's quite another when they refuse to even counter your offer!

In this Podcast Episode of The Red Pill Investor, I will give you four powerful ideas that you can use to reduce the amount of needless "unwinnable" appointments you go on, as well as help increase the closing ratio you experience!

Cliffs Notes Version?

You bet!  

If you understand the truth behind the statement "You can't want it more than they do", and you ignore made up rules like ARV and MAO; and instead focus on their Motivation and Ability.  Paid close attention to the actual closed transactions, you will naturally find yourself making more realistic offers that will get accepted, or will generate the counter you need to decide if this is a good deal.

Ready, Aim, Fire!

When you listen to this podcast, you will be ready to face the toughest Sellers, as well as their meet their objections head on! Invest 20 minutes of your time in your sales skills, and I'll bet you like the results!

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  1. Thanks for that!  May I recommend using for your images?  They are royalty free and amazing in their selection! Totally free, and login with your Fbook acct!

  2. I am about to listen to the podcast right now. Thanks for sharing.

    I especially like the format of your blog posts. They are visually pleasing to me. I am going to incorporate some of the aspects I see into my own blog posts.