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How to Add 25 Deals To Your Yearly Production!

How to Live Live on Your Terms, Not By Your Fears...

How to Live Live on Your Terms, Not By Your Fears…

If there is one thing I know how to do… it’s generate deals.

The problem that most people face is not building a massive business.

It’s not getting the fancy cars, or the amazing trips.

No. For most people, the problem is getting started.

Active Plans, for an Active World…

In this never before released webinar, I will be showing you the concrete, easy to follow steps you need to take to add 25 transactions to whatever level of production you are currently at.

Learn Powerful, Free and Effective ways to generate leads that will accelerate your current progress!

How Much Would It Take To Make You Happy?

When you think about it… how much is enough for you?

Would an extra 15, 20, or even 25 deals mean the difference for you in your life?

My guess? It would be transformational…

Yes you can add 25 deals!

Yes you can add 25 deals!

Yes You Can!

Now I hear that little devil on your shoulder…shouting down your dreams!

Trust me… I’ve taught thousands of Agents and Investors on my various channels including..

If there is one thing I know, from holding Webinars for the Council of Residential Specialists, and over 400 podcasts… it’s how to share items of tremendous value!

What You Will Learn!

In this Exclusive Webinar… I will share with you a step by step plan to take your business from where it is now, and add an additional 25 transactions to it!

In this information packed seminar (no sales pitches); you will learn the following!

  • One Specific Untapped Resource for unlimited leads!
  • Ridiculously simple, repeatable sales systems to implement to generate business… free!
  • Powerful tips to get over your “Analysis Paralysis” Once and for all!
  • Gain Authority with your prospects… stop getting the door slammed in your face!

There are a lot of hidden tips, tricks, and techniques that will undoubtedly occur during the webinar, and so it would be impossible for me to mention all the possibilities of what could happen!

I Never Teach From Theory

Rodrigo Learned How to Sell More Homes!Rodrigo Learned How to Sell More Homes!

There are a lot of people who have done very well in this business. They have built great businesses!

However, the true test of a Coach, or Mentor, is their ability to transfer that knowledge to a new and untrained student.

In this case, it would be one thing If I told you how I got to the Cayman Islands… but instead, I will let one of my Executive One on One Coaching Clients speak…

Rodrigo had virtually no experience in real estate…. and at 24 years old, a waiter, and a whitewater river guide….He wasn’t taken with much “Authority…”

That was then…

This is now…

Fast forward 12 months later after Coaching, he closed over 17 homes, and grossed over $135,000 his first year.

Best of all? He didn’t spend a fortune in crazy mailings, handwritten letters, bandit signs, or pay per click.

By The Way... Did I mention Rodrigo Isn't a Realtor®???

Obviously… Rodrigo isn’t a waiter anymore.

Hear Rodrigo’s Story…

Time To Invest In Yourself…

Anything worth having isn’t free… and most free things aren’t worth anything.

That statement is true in many things. Including you.

If you want to invest in yourself, the cost of the seminar is $49.95.

If you are a Realtor® who Invests, or a Wholesaler who is serious about taking your game to the next level… then join me April 22nd 2015 at 6 PM MST.

If you have ever seen any of my other free webinars, then you know I am dropping knowledge like there is no tomorrow on every single event!

Free Copy of The Red Pill Sales System for Every Attendee!Free Copy of The Red Pill Sales System for Every Attendee!

This will be no different!

I look forward to seeing you, and if you sign up now, you will also get a

Complimentary copy of The Red Pill Investor Sales System!

A $25 Value!

Time to Pay It Forward!

If you will commit to the time, and the “good faith money”; I will provide you with the systems, as well as the scripts, dialogues, and systems you need to win at a higher level than you are today!

See you then!