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Retirement secret- part 2(my part deux)!!!!

I like to share personal experiences on BP, rather than all this concept stuff that is often posted. My info is first hand. Either I've done it on seen it done.

How would you like to play golf every day for about $5 per day, multiple rounds? If you don't want to walk, $2 per day for a RIDING cart. For about $7 per day, golf 18, 36 or 54 holes!! I did this for several summers.

The Course is gorgeous, lush and green. The temps are 70 Degrees, roughly EVERY DAY. Did I mention this was a Country Club ?

For several years, I belonged to Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club. It also has a Pool for the fam. (speaking of the family, the rate I quoted was a TOTAL rate and includes my wife!!) This is located on the Redwood Coast of Cal, in Fortuna, 25 miles south of Eureka. Now you think, there is the catch, country Club membership!!

The normal membership fee is $1500, one time. They give EVERYONE a 50% discount! $750 and your family is a member for life. The monthly fee was $140 last time I was there and the cart was $60 per month. There are less than 500 members. I NEVER had tee time problems and always was able to get on. Huge pine trees, lakes and good contour. A nice challenging course.

If you have an RV, there is a highly rated RV park with store, pool and spa for sore muscles after 3 rounds of golf. The park is on the side of a large river with great walking trails. The monthly fee is about $500 per month.

So, here is another beautiful way to spend a year or more for very little money. Once you have a rig, your monthly expenses are WELL under $2000 per month. The RV park was Riverwalk, and there is gorgeous scenery everywhere. Giant Redwood state parks, the CA  coastline, Oregon coast 100 miles away, and vintage National historic towns to stroll through.

A very relaxing way to go. I also played on 2 county softball teams, Over 50 and over 55 league. I was a stud on over 55 and got killed on the over 50! I still have dents on my shins to prove it.

This was a wonderful way to spend time. Chased the deer off the course every morning. Took a mulligan if I wanted. This was as much fun as you could have for next to free. The Club even allowed you to put your membership on "vacation" for a few months if you went away and didn't have to pay any dues.

Man, when I think about this, I wonder , what the heck am I doing in FL? If you desire more info, reply or e-mail. I just don't want you to feel retirement is not possible for you. It doesn't take much money, if youare willing to look around.

Other benefits of this lifestyle?

1. Kids can't come back home!

2. When you visit them, you can stay in your own rig and leave when you want

3. More flexibility in staying as long or short in one place as you want.

4. You may select any place you want as your home. I call this a "domicile"

   Part 3 will explain how to cut LOTS of your expenses  and TAXES with this lifestyle. It'll be short but very powerful. Possible to save THOUSANDS annually with just one little trick. Hope you'll come back for more. Post a comment if you read this. Thanks. Rich in Fl today, and Missolula thursday!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Part 2 Rich. Did you ever get part 3 posted?

  2. 10 mpg more or less. The ideal thing is to stop and stay for a month or two in different places to try them out. Rich.

  3. Travelling around in a 36' or 40' does sound very appealing but I worry about gas prices ... what kind of mileage do these rigs get?

  4. Great Posts Mr. Weese- My mom and step father practically live in their 36'. They are members of Thousand Trails and are gone most weekends. It's definitely the life. I just got spoiled for 4 days at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground....I want my own bad!

  5. RIch, I just finished reafing all your blogs today and it is not just wealth of information but your style of writing makes it interesting as well...It is 2:30 am and I need to go to work but can't help it reading mor and more.. Good work and keep it coming for the benefits of all on the board. Nil

  6. Jon- only 500 total members!! Never a wait

  7. Will- we have a 40 ' %th wheel, 4 slides, Fireplace, french doors to den, surround sound, his and her fridges, cent vac, and skylights. It is really a house on wheels!!

  8. Redwood Empire Golf and Country Club must have had a Harvard style endowment to charge such cheap fees. Great stuff, Rich. Thanks!

  9. Rich, I must have you speak with my Father. He just bought a killer 5th wheel (with the slide outs and all - what a fancy home on wheels!) along with a new Chevy 4X4 to pull it. He loves camping and traveling and wants to get into golf, plus he plays ball at least twice a week, usually 3 days a week so you guys would get along great! Love your ideas on the money saving traveling tips during retirement. Keep these posts coming buddy!