Posted over 7 years ago

Pros And Cons Of Radiant Flooring Systems

Many people have been installing radiant floor heating in their homes over the past few years. It is gaining in popularity but, like any flooring system, there are pros and cons to using this system in your home. Let’s review both sides:

Pro: Waking up to a warm floor for your toes. If you are getting out of bed in the morning to icey floors, radiant floors may be your solution.

Con: You will have to remove your entire current floor system to install a new one.

Pro: If you take care of the system and do the recommended maintenance, an radiant heat system can last decades.

Con: The cost to install a new system can be more than the cost of replacing a forced air furnace.

Pro: Because there are no air vents, there is more freedom to design the layout of each room.

Con: The cost to repair any damage to the system can be excessive.

Pro: A radiant floor system come in two types, electric coil and tubes of heated fluid. Both can save you money over a forced air system.

Con: If something goes wrong in the future, it can be difficult to find the trouble spot.

Pro: Radiant heat systems can hold the temperature inside your home better than other systems.

Con: Radiant heat systems can also be slow to increase the temperature inside your home.

Pro: Once the system is installed, you can cover it with most types of finish flooring including hardwood, stone, concrete and tile.

Con: Using carpet may lead to problems especially if there is a thick padding.

Pro: Radiant flooring can lower dust and allergens.

Con: The lack of a basement or crawl space may make installation prohibitive.

If you do your homework and plan ahead, a radiant floor system can be a welcome upgrade to your home.


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