Posted over 6 years ago

3 Places Realtors Should Spend Their Lead Generation Budget

As a real estate agent, you are first and foremost running a business; a business that thrives on finding and using new markets to drive profits. To ensure success, you will need to spend a significant portion of your time looking for ways to generate more leads.

Realtors need a healthy list of quality prospects to help bring in more clients. There are many ways to go about building that list. Most realtors use some or all of the following methods:

  • Past clients
  • Client referrals
  • Geographic areas
  • Social media

All of these tools are useful and valuable for lead generation, and should serve you well. However, what happens when you hit the inevitable slowdown and your list grows stale?

When things grow stagnant (and preferably before that happens), you'll need to look at spending some of your marketing budget to generate fresh leads. However, since no business can afford to waste a lot of money on leads that don't convert well, you will need to know which methods are worth your precious time and resources. As a realtor, lets take a look at three of the most promising ways to spend your lead generation budget.

1. Utilize Facebook

Facebook can do a lot more to you than bring in friends and followers (though that's important, too!). Generating a high number of quality leads through this social media giant is definitely realistic - if you are willing to spend money on actual advertising.

Facebook ads are well-targeted and effective by nature, but there is even more potential than that. Do a little homework on building a Facebook lead generation strategy, and you'll see just how effective it can be for building a nice, fat list.

2. Create and Optimize A Landing Page

You probably already have a web presence, and that's good. It's even better (actually, more like essential) for that website to be content-focused, mobile-ready, and optimized for lead capture. However, the addition of a landing page to your online marketing repertoire can really kick things up a notch.

A landing page is simply a well optimized, eye-catching web page that gives useful information and a call to action. This call to action requires the user to do something, usually it compels them to enter their email address or other contact information. When someone takes the bait, it works like a charm; they're magically added to your list of leads.

Landing pages are conversion-driven and extremely effective for lead capture - much more so than a simple capture box on your main site. It's pretty simple to add a landing page with widely-available software. And it's usually worth the cost. A well optimized landing page is often tied to search engine ad space. It's also not a bad idea to invest in great web development that offers SEO support for constant web traffic.


Education might not bring you leads directly, but it can put you the fast-track to getting a lot more of them. Don't rely on a Google search to tell you how lead capture should be done. Instead, look for opportunities for training in online marketing and lead generation. The more you know, the bigger your idea generation bank will be.

You need more than a "to-do" list or "roadmap" when it comes to generating leads. You need a solid understanding of the overall strategy and purpose, and you can only gain that understanding through continued education, especially in a niche that is constantly evolving.

Overall, keep in mind that quality leads are the lifeblood of your business. This is not the place to try and save money. Just as any other business, building a long list of warm leads is key to your success in real estate. Spend some money on your strategy now, and your bottom line will thank you later.

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