Posted almost 7 years ago

The Craziest Tenant Excuses for Not Paying the Rent

Paying the rent each and every month. It is not like you, as the landlord, are asking that much. You just want the rent to show up on time. But it is amazing the excuses that a renter can come up with when it comes time to cough up the rent.

We would like to share some of the funniest tenant excuses for not paying the rent that we have heard. Though delinquent rent is never a laughing matter, we hope that a few of these will bring a smile to your face and make you glad for the tenants that you do have.

Yes, one of the joys of owing rental properties is handling tenant excuses. If you fear that you cannot deal with another creative excuse, one easy solution is to hand over the problem to a qualified property management company. Not only will they deal with your tenants for you, but your checks from us will always be on time and without an excuse.