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Real Estate Elevated: 3 Ways to Do More With Less Stress

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When I first started designing the renovations for our fix-and-flip houses, I would get really overwhelmed with how much there was to do. I’d walk into a disgusting house that was falling down around my shoulders, and I’d think, “Oh my god, there’s so much to do… Where do I even start?” When I actually got started, though, and I got more and more done, I found that it really wasn’t that bad at all. Sure, we had some pretty huge house flipping projects, and the design aspect was just the first part of the job for me, but if I could find ways to de-stress and really apply myself, I got a lot more done in a lot less time.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how it’s become so much easier to work on multiple houses at once and to keep the flow going with our real estate investing business. A lot of that has been trial and error as we’ve learned the industry, but a lot of it has also been learning tricks to be more productive and get more done with less stress. Here are a few things that I recommend for every Real Estate Elevated student and house flipper to get it all done, even when it feels totally overwhelming.

Plan Out Your Whole Day

This works better for some people first thing in the morning. Others find that they do better when they plan their day the night before. Either way, before you dive into the day, take some time to plan it out. Figure out what you need to do and create a schedule.

I like to plan something quick that will make me feel accomplished and inspired for first thing in the morning. Then, right after that, I like to tackle one of the tasks I’d rather put off. Then I can order the rest of the day with things I look forward to doing. This gives my day structure, keeps me on task, and prevents me from looking around and going, “There’s so much to do! What do I do next!?”

Figure Out How Much Time Different Tasks Take You

Some things will vary, like talking on the phone with a motivated seller who’s feeling indecisive, but others will be pretty consistent. How long does it take you to design a living room layout? How long do you usually take skimming through the MLS?

Time yourself doing these things on normal days, and you’ll get a better idea of how long they usually take you. When you do this, you’ll have a much easier time scheduling your day and getting it all done. And, if you find that something that usually takes you thirty minutes is bordering on an hour, you can stop, take a breath, and figure out if you’re just tired, stressed, or if something else is going on to block your productivity.

Take Periodic Breaks Throughout the Day

Have you ever noticed that when you really need to get something done, you try to plow through it as quickly as possible? Because you’re so focused on needing to work, though, you’re somehow really easily distracted and your work suffers. If you’re taking an hour to do something that usually takes you thirty minutes, it’s probably because you’re feeling burnt out. That happens when you spend too long focused on work.

So don’t forget to take both short and long breaks throughout the day. Grab a cup of coffee. Take your kid to the park. Go for a quick walk. Work these things into your schedule, and you’ll get a lot more done with a lot less stress.

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