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Posted over 7 years ago

How to Guarantee That Your Flip Property Sells Fast

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The whole point of house flipping is rehabbing an old house and making a profit off of it, right? Tarek and I really enjoy seeing our hard work and determination pay off when we sell a flip house. That is such a great feeling! But what happens when things don’t go as planned and your house sits on the market for way longer than you had anticipated? Every flipper’s worst nightmare is losing the money they spent on fixing up a house because it doesn’t sell. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure your house sells, and fast!

When it comes to house flipping, time is money. Spend less time trying to sell your house and more time reaping the benefits of your hard work by following these tips. You’ll be able to sell your flip in no time!

Set a Fair Asking Price

When you want to sell a house fast, you must sell it for the right price. Avoid listing your property too high or too low by checking comps in the neighborhood. Your asking price should be realistic, or else people aren’t even going to look at your house. In the end, the buyer doesn’t care how much effort you put into fixing up the house, if it’s listed too high they won’t buy it.

Do one Last Walk Through

As soon as your flip is ready to be listed, make sure you walk through the entire house one last time. Make note of things that may need to be fixed (if necessary). I’ve found that it is really easy to overlook the simplest things – maybe you forgot to finish painting a floorboard or you didn’t replace a doorknob. Make sure everything, including outlets and light switches, is repaired, replaced and in good working order before you show the flip off to potential buyers. Your buyers should be able to move into a beautiful finished house – so don’t leave any work behind for them.

Have the House Cleaned

Rehabbing is messy work, which is why you should have your flip cleaned before you host your first open house. Buyers love to walk into a house that looks clean and tidy; they don’t want to see any remains from the work you did previously. Dust, vacuum, wash the windows and clean up any trash left over to make your flip look good. If you have the money to, you could hire a professional to clean the house for you. However you decide to have your house cleaned, putting in a little extra effort will make your potential buyers more comfortable when walking through your flip.

Stage the House

Home staging is so important when you are trying to sell your flip. I know of many investors who have trouble selling their flip in the beginning, but after they invested some time and money into staging they were able to sell the house instantly! Staging makes a huge difference for potential buyers, who want to be able to envision themselves living in the house. Once again, this is one thing you can do yourself or you can hire the professionals to help. Either way, take the time to furnish each of the rooms in your flip. A staged home will feel much more inviting and welcoming to buyers.

Don’t Forget Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is easy to forget about, but first impressions are everything even when it comes to selling a house. As crazy as it seems, even if the interior of your flip looks beautiful, buyers won’t bother with a house if the exterior and yard are not well maintained. Spend a little extra time and money on fixing up your flip’s exterior and yard. Do some simple landscaping such as planting some trees and flowers. Buyers will be much more inclined to check out your flip if it has good curb appeal.

Avoid having your house sit on the market for months by following these tips. Putting in a little extra effort will make sure you can reap the benefits of your hard work fast. I promise selling your house quickly is easier than you think.

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