Latest Episode • December 10, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 33: How to Generate Business No Matter the Product or Service with Pat Fenton

Having trouble generating business in your business? Having difficulty converting sales? CEO, mentor, coach, and marketing expert Pat Fenton is here to talk about the principles of attracting—and converting—customers to your business. No matter what you offer, whether it’s a product or a service, ... show more

A real-world MBA for entrepreneurs

What does it take to start, scale, and sell your own business? Every Tuesday, J and Carol Scott ask this question to entrepreneurs of all stripes and delve into stories that go beyond the launch. From hiring and firing to marketing and raising capital, this podcast takes an honest look at the triumphs and stumbles of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking to sustain a startup or bring an idea to life, you’ll come away inspired. Tune in—and learn how to treat your business like a business.

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BiggerPockets Business Podcast

BiggerPockets Business Podcast

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December 3, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 32: Building an App That Partners With Billion-Dollar Brands—But Only Because They "Just Got Started" With Wes Schroll and Tyler Kennedy

"If you wait until you have a perfect plan," says Fetch Rewards co-founder Tyler Kennedy, "you're never going to get started." That line sums up Tyler's journey alongside his partner Wes Schroll. T ... show more

November 26, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 31: Leveraging Your Network to Launch and Grow Your Business with Gavin Steinberg

Do you have a business idea but are afraid that you don’t know enough about the industry to achieve success? Do you worry that you’ll hit a roadblock that will keep you from growing your business to i ... show more

November 19, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 30: How to Guarantee Profit From Day 1 with Mike Michalowicz

Do you worry that after everyone and everything else in your business is paid, there will be nothing left for you? Have you been taught to believe that the first several years of your business must in ... show more

November 12, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 29: Scaling Multiple Businesses and Making a BIG Social Impact with Andy Seth

Want to "do well" AND "do good"? Andy Seth's done just that—building several businesses and doing big things in his community. In this episode, he shares how he did it. You'll love hearing about An ... show more

November 5, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 28: Marketing Funnels, Automation, and an Actual 4-Hour Work Week with Call Porter Founder Ryan Dossey

Whoa! Today's episode is a masterclass in building a business that runs without your day-to-day involvement. You might have heard of Ryan Dossey the real estate investor, but today he takes us behi ... show more

October 29, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 27: The 3-Step Social Media Strategy to Attract and Convert More Leads with Brendan Kane

There are tons of social media “experts.” But how many of them have gone from zero to one million followers in just 30 days? Today's guest Brendan Kane did. And in this episode, he teaches us the s ... show more

October 22, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 26: Fail Fast? No, Start Slow! Secrets from Building (and Exiting) the World’s Biggest Wine Brand with Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey

How would you run your business differently if you started with the end in mind? Today’s show is all about forming your exit strategy up front… and there’s no one more qualified to talk about that ... show more

October 15, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 25: What You Can Learn from a Company that Manages 12,000 Contractors with Ken Davis of TaskEasy

Today we get a peek inside a company that handles lawn care for 800,000 properties across the U.S. And although few of us will ever build such a behemoth, trust us—you will learn a ton from this ep ... show more

October 8, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 24: Achieving 'Time Freedom' and Franchising a Personal Training Business with Paige Wilcox

What if you documented every process that makes your business run? Imagine how much easier it would be to scale and how much less stressful it would be to take a day (or week or month) off to spend ... show more

October 1, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 23: Scientifically Proven Sales Techniques with David Hoffeld

Grandpa may have been a great salesman in his day. But if you’re using the same strategies he used (and most of us are), you’re ignoring powerful brain science that flips conventional wisdom on its ... show more

September 24, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 22: The Free Strategy to Reach WAY More Customers with PR Expert Josh Elledge

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Josh Elledge got started trying to solve his own problem. After launching the personal finance tool, he came to realize that by far the best way to genera ... show more

September 17, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 21 - Reframing the Rat Race: How to Use Your Day Job to Prepare for Entrepreneurship with James Anderson of Forged Axe Throwing

What went into building an (almost) seven-figure axe throwing business that earns hundreds of five-star reviews? For James Anderson, it all started well before he left his 9 to 5.  As a marketer ... show more

September 10, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 20: The Questions You MUST Ask Every Potential Hire with David Greene

“Finding the right people.” Ask any entrepreneur about their biggest challenge, and you’re likely to get some version of that answer. So, when you’re building a team, how do you REALLY judge the ... show more

September 3, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 19: From “Naive” Start-Up to 8-Figure Revenue in 4 Years with Barnana Co-Founder Nik Ingersoll

Prepare yourself for an incredible tale of entrepreneurship. It features a hardscrabble upbringing, relentless optimism, negotiations with Amazonian tribesmen, and some bold guerrilla (“gorilla”?) mar ... show more

August 27, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 18: How to “Have it All” by Living with INTENTION with Brandon Turner

Be honest. Have you ever set an ambitious goal, mapped out a plan—and then watched that goal get buried under an avalanche of more urgent (but less important) responsibilities? We bet you’re noddin ... show more

August 20, 2019

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 17: Using Fear as Fuel with Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora, Co-Founders of Back to the Roots

Today’s episode is proof that fear isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, it can be a powerful motivator. And more importantly, fear serves as a signal that you’re pushing yourself far beyond your comfort ... show more

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