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Released weekly on Thursdays, the BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene. It features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches, and experience levels. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our Video Podcast on iTunes here.

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Previous Episodes

September 23, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 509: Cars & Cashflow: Manny Khoshbin’s Story from Homeless to $1B

If you scroll through Manny Khoshbin’s Instagram, you’ll see wealth, success, and a lot of very nice automobiles. You may look at his life and say “well, that must be nice”, but there is much more to ... show more

September 21, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 508: How to 10x Your Deal Flow Using "Evergreen Content"

It’s tough out there. Between investors, agents, and wholesalers, everyone you know wants to get a home under contract. So what do you do when there is an influx of buyers and the same amount of selle ... show more

September 19, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 507: Sacrifice, Failure and Pain, A 100 Days of Hell Success Story with The Iron Cowboy

Finishing a triathlon is a grueling achievement, only accomplished by those who are in peak physical and mental condition. Once finished, the top of the top go on to train for an Ironman, arguably the ... show more

September 16, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 506: Achieving Financial Freedom Through Small Multifamily Investing

Financial freedom is attainable for all of us, but how fast we reach it differs greatly. You may be making $100 profit per month on each single-family home you buy, but what if you could multiply that ... show more

September 14, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 505: “Act Like You Have 100+ Units” | Coaching Calls w/ Brandon Turner

You hear Brandon Turner’s voice quite often on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, but rarely is it heard advising new investors. Today, Brandon is taking on three live “coaching calls” with three ... show more

September 12, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 504: The Millionaire Formula: 10 Steps to Hit 7-Figure Net Worth (Part 2)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a millionaire? Sitting under a palm tree, relaxing, with plenty of money set aside for you. To be in that position you not only have to escape the rat race but pledge to live ... show more

September 9, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 503: The Millionaire Formula: 10 Steps to Hit 7-Figure Net Worth (Part 1)

You probably know Brandon Turner and David Greene as multimillionaire real estate investors. What you may not know, is that a decade ago this was a very different story. Brandon didn’t grow up in a we ... show more

September 7, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 502: BiggerNews, September: Will Anything Slow Down this Housing Market? with Dave Meyer & Kathy Fettke

Welcome back to another episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast. Today, we’re trying a new format where David Greene and Dave Meyer bring on an expert in the real estate investing space and talk through ... show more

September 5, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 501: Seeing Greene: How Soon Can I Refi? + 11 Other Real Estate Questions

We’re back with another episode of “Seeing Greene” with David Greene! Listeners and investors have submitted their questions via video and through the BiggerPockets Facebook Groups and BiggerPockets f ... show more

September 2, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 500: Robert Kiyosaki: America’s ‘Rich Dad’ Sees a Real Estate Crash Coming

Robert Kiyosaki is arguably the most influential author in the finance, real estate, and investing space. His book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, has sold over thirty million copies and has been translated into ... show more

August 29, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 499: The Death of The "Entrepreneur”: Experience from an 8-Figure CEO

Many people call themselves “entrepreneurs” nowadays. Essentially, anyone who can make some kind of income on their own is an entrepreneur, but there is a big difference between an entrepreneur and a ... show more

August 26, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 498: Real Deal: BRRRR Deep Dive w/ Joe Asamoah (Pt 1)

When most people think about section 8 housing, they think of run-down homes, troublesome tenants, and negligent landlords. This stereotype may prove true in some markets, but for Dr. Joe Asamoah, thi ... show more

August 22, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 497: Bigger Deals, Better Profits: 10 Steps to Your First Large Multifamily w/ Brian Murray and Brandon Turner

We’re back for part two with The Multifamily Millionaire authors Brandon Turner and Brian Murray. This time, Brian is on the mic to give you the ten steps to purchase your first large multifamily prop ... show more

August 19, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 496: Become a (Small) Multifamily Millionaire in 7 Steps w/ Brian Murray and Brandon Turner

For the most part, Brandon Turner was able to achieve financial independence through small multifamily investing. This is why investing in duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, and even 24-unit apartment b ... show more

August 15, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 495: The Science Behind Taking Risks (and Why They Definitely Pay Off)

It often seems like the most successful people are the ones who take the most risks. There’s no surprise that at one point, billionaire entrepreneurs were given the choice to either stay where they st ... show more

August 12, 2021

BiggerPockets Podcast 494: The Five F-Words Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Master

There’s a new three-peat on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, and no, it’s not Michael Jordan. Danny Johnson, the founder of Forefront CRM, is back with us on today’s episode to talk about the fi ... show more

BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast

Imagine you’re friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what we’re aiming for with The BiggerPockets Podcast.

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