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Released weekly on Thursdays, the BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene. It features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches, and experience levels. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our Video Podcast on iTunes here.

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Previous Episodes

June 12, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 386.5: Still Doing Deals... Thanks to These 2 Pivots With Marcus Maloney (Part 2, Post-Coronavirus)

Yesterday, Marcus Maloney showed us how he built his deal-finding machine. Today, he tells us how he's hanging onto it by making two big shifts in his business. When the pandemic hit, lenders got n ... show more

June 11, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 386: Starting Out With $200 and Investing for Profit AND Cash Flow With Marcus Maloney (Part 1, Pre-Coronavirus)

From "bad drug dealer" in his youth... to earning a master's degree, then jumping into real estate at age 36 and crushing his first deal! Today, Marcus Maloney shares his wild ride in Part 1 of two ... show more

June 4, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 385: Once Homeless, Now Investing in an Expensive Market (With No Money of His Own) With Greg Gaudet

Flipping with no money down... in Hawaii? You heard that right. Greg Gaudet actually considers himself "risk-averse" and still holds a full-time job, but he's able to make nice chunks of change by ... show more

May 29, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 384.5: 10 Deadly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make with Brandon and David

After yesterday's deep dive interview discussing 2 disastrous flip projects, we have a solo show for you today. And the title says it all, really. Brandon and David boiled down nearly 400 podcas ... show more

May 28, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 384: Losing $60k on His First 2 Flips so You Won't Have To with Spencer Cornelia

You can put a dollar number on the losses Spencer Cornelia took on his first two long-distance flips... but it's hard to quantify the value of the lessons he learned and is now passing on to you. W ... show more

May 21, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 383: Finding Your Perfect Partner and the Top 6 Factors When Choosing a Market with Ben Leybovich & Sam Grooms

Interested in someday making the leap to bigger investments? Don't miss this one! Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms join us for a high-level conversation about how they transitioned from flips and small ... show more

May 15, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 382.5: Surviving When the BRRRR Hits the Fan with Josiah Smelser (Part 2, Post-Coronavirus)

What happens to a no-money-down BRRRR investor when a pandemic breaks out, lending standards suddenly tighten, private money lenders get skittish, and property values quickly drop? Today, Josiah Sm ... show more

May 14, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 382: No Money Down BRRRR Investing with Josiah Smelser (Part 1, Recorded Pre-Coronavirus)

Today we bring you Part 1 of back-to-back episodes with real estate investor/appraiser/author/all-around good guy Josiah Smelser. This first conversation was recorded pre-coronavirus lockdown, but ... show more

May 7, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 381: 5 Rules for Investing in a Down Market with Tucker Merrihew

Can you flip, wholesale, and buy rentals throughout a downturn? Yes... IF you heed the advice given out in today's episode. Our guest Tucker Merrihew is more than qualified to tackle this subjec ... show more

April 30, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 380: Profitable Landlording in a Crisis with Mike Butler, Chris Clothier, and Dave Poeppelmeier

Feeling like you're in uncharted territory as a landlord? You're in good company! Today's show walks you through how to ethically and profitably manage rentals through the COVID-19 outbreak and bey ... show more

April 23, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 379: What the Numbers Reveal About Today's Rents, Prices, and Top Cashflow Markets with Data Scientist Dave Meyer

There are plenty of opinions out there about where the real estate market is headed next. But what are the numbers telling us? Today we dig into the data with Dave Meyer, BiggerPockets' VP of Growt ... show more

April 16, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 378: A $500M Syndicator's View on Today's Market and How to Succeed as a "Hands-Off Investor" with Brian Burke

With a recession already underway, we're turning to an investor with 30 years of experience, 3,000-plus multifamily units acquired, and one of the sharpest minds in real estate. Brian Burke is back ... show more

April 9, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 377: The Riches Are... on the Radio? How to Dial in Your Marketing & Do 100+ Deals a Year with Chris Arnold

Today's guest does 125 deals a year in Dallas—from his home base in the Caribbean. How? Well, he bailed on direct mail marketing and doubled down on radio ads. And when others froze up as the co ... show more

April 2, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 376: 12 Real Estate Rockstars Reveal Their #1 Tip for Surviving (and Thriving) through a Downturn

Strength in numbers! When you finish this episode, you'll have 12+ action items that could help you withstand the coming economic slump... and perhaps even accelerate your path to financial freedom ... show more

March 26, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 375: Live Coronavirus Q&A: Resources, Tactics, and Mindset Shifts for Today's Real Estate Investor

Economic upheaval. Tenants losing their jobs. Entire cities shut down. How should real estate investors operate today? In this episode, we’re opening up the phone lines and patching in both expe ... show more

March 19, 2020

BiggerPockets Podcast 374: What Real Estate Investors NEED to Know About the Coronavirus, the Economy, and the Problems At Your Door

Rent's due... or is it? From quarantines to eviction moratoriums to a plummeting stock market, COVID-19 has upended seemingly everything -- and today we talk through what it all means for real esta ... show more

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