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Lincoln Asset Management
Lincoln Asset Management
Specialties: House Flipper, Residential, Commercial
LINCOLN ASSET MANAGEMENT IS THE MOST TRUSTED LOCAL HOME BUYER IN THE DENVER METRO AREA. We are a family-oriented team, specializing in finding and acquiring assets that can maximize the return on investment for each project. UNIQUE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES With a keen eye for properties, we can help you find unique opportunities in Denver, whether you're looking to add to your investment portfolio or simply looking for a great deal on a home to call your own. Community values and standards are the non-negotiable core principles that we as a company stand by. WE BRING VALUE TO THE COMMUNITY The housing stock of major American cities was largely built in the 20th century. Every 30 years, these assets require a major overhaul. Our family vision seeks to enhance the quality of life of the communities in which we invest, by restoring and building quality homes that give the community the confidence that their properties will stand the test of time and appreciate in value over the years. We are your neighbors working to bring new life to tired homes for a new family. We rescue highly distressed properties that that are unfit for their next family, and ready them for the next 30 years! Our portfolio includes on-market foreclosure, bank-owned foreclosures, investment homes, and off-market properties throughout the Denver area. Whether you are a real estate investor looking for rental properties that offer a great return on investment or distressed properties to rehab and sell, you have found the right partner. Together we can make a better home!
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Before working with any investment company, make sure to ask the proper questions to make sure the company is the right fit for you and your investments. Here are some questions you can start with:

  • What is included in your fees?
  • How is your company funded?
  • How can a deal lose money?
  • When will I start seeing returns?
  • What is your competitive advantage in the market?
  • How long has your company been active in this industry?
  • Can I speak to any past investors you have worked with?
  • How do you ensure that my capital is protected in a down market?

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