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1 bd 1 ba 428 sqft

1833 Williams St, Denver, CO 80218

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Craig Baute

Long-Term Airbnb condo with 5 year proven track record

I'm looking to sell my modern condo in downtown Denver's Uptown neighborhood. The condo has been used as a long-term Airbnb rental with a 60-day minimum while commanding $1725 after Airbnb fees. It's minimal turnover work while getting the short-term premium. It's currently rented until August 5th at those rates. The location is next to 3 hospitals and within 1.5 miles of downtown so the renters are usually hospital workers on a short-term assignment or people moving to Denver and need a temp place to stay that is hip and convenient.

The space can come furnished minus the lounge chair and a few decorations, so it's turn-key investment rental.

There is free parking right outside the building and free all-day parking just half a block away. This has made renting the space at a premium easy even though a parking spot isn't included.

The HOA is $290, and it covers everything electricity and internet, running around $85 total for both. It's basically maintenance-free because the building's HOA covers everything else, so it's a predictable source of income and expenses. Over the 11 years I've lived or owned, the only thing I've replaced is the microwave, AC unit, and had a minor repair to the shower and dishwasher, maybe a total of $1800 over the decade.

I'm happy to answer any additional questions. I can be flexible with the closing date and I would like to honor the existing renter that moves in May 21 and stays until August 5.


1833 Williams St, Denver, CO 80218

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