For sale about 2 months ago


4 bd ba 1800 sqft

1808 Carter St, Columbia, SC 29204

Residential Duplex Off MLS

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Unit 1 Details
  • Current Rent:
  • Bedroom: 3 bd
  • Bathroom: 1½ ba
  • Square Footage: 1200 sqft
  • Occupied: No
  • Needs Repairs: No
  • Off MLS: Yes
Unit 2 Details
  • Current Rent:
  • Bedroom: 1 bd
  • Bathroom: 1 ba
  • Square Footage: 600 sqft
  • Occupied: No
  • Needs Repairs: No
  • Off MLS: Yes

Multifam property w/pos cash flow

3/1.5 and 1/1 - 1800 sq/ft total

Completely renovated
3/1.5 rent $1,550
1/1 rent $850

Perfect House Hack
Or rent out both sides for easy cash flow

New HVAC and duct work on larger unit
2 Mini split systems installed on the smaller unit
New floors and paint throughout the property
All Bathrooms: New mirrors, vanities, and toilets
Removed walls for a more open floor plan

Plus lots more!


1808 Carter St, Columbia, SC 29204

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