Real Estate Law & Public Record Search Tools

With the right tools, it is easy to find out who owns a property? Just use your local assessor’s website to look up a property by map or address. For investors trying to find an owner, this information is invaluable. Another way to scout properties is to search bankruptcies, liens, and death records. The following tools are all useful to help the investor to research possible real estate investments. In addition, we’ve provided links to important real estate laws and law resources. Discuss Tax & Real Estate Law on our Forums.

Public Records Search

    Download digital copies of documents such as Deeds, Mortgages, Liens, Abstracts of Judgment, Releases and other county courthouse documents
  • KnowX
    Provides property records & other public info including bankruptcies, liens, death records, and more.
  • Public Records Online Directory
    Locate your local county assessor’s info online. Find property reports, parcel maps, comps, deed access, and more.

People Search: Track Absentee Landlords, Tenants, etc.

  • Pipl
    People search: Checks public records, websites, social networks
  • SearchBug
    People and company search
  • ZabbaSearch
    Search engine to help you locate people and public records

Municipal Code Locator

Real Estate Laws

Real Estate Disability Law

    Great resource for finding information related to housing and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    Preventing housing discrimination for renters and home buyers