2018 BiggerPockets Member Survey Results: 79% Completed a Real Estate Deal (& More!)

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By nearly all measures, 2018 was a fantastic year for the BiggerPockets community. We topped a million members, released six books written by BiggerPockets members, and negotiated over $8,000 in discounts with real-estate related companies for our Pro members (and up to $2,000 in savings for all members).

Expanding the BiggerPockets message and producing the best real estate investing educational content on the internet is thrilling. But we wanted to know how well our members are actually doing in real estate—what strategies you’re executing and how that changed in 2018—so we asked!

Find the results from the BiggerPockets 2018 member survey below!

BiggerPockets 2018 Survey: How Our Members Are Investing

Do these results surprise you? How does your experience line up?

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Alex Wald

Alex is an aspiring real estate investor and the Growth Hacker at BiggerPockets, meaning it is his job to help grow the BiggerPockets community. His first encounter with BiggerPockets came by listening to the real estate podcast. He loved it so much that he joined the team and is helping to spread our message!


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