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  • A Big Pyramid Scheme?
    Replied April 8, 2018
    I worked on the bankruptcy case of a person who was featured on an Amercian Greed episode. My takeaway was that if it seems too easy, the payback is too quick, a person rockstar... See more
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  • College House Hack Lease Advise
    Started January 16, 2018
    @Jenifer KynorGreat input on the individual bedroom damage. One of the current tenants chalk painted one wall in her room (before we owned) - so I know what you mean.Thank you. See more
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  • College House Hack Lease Advise
    Started January 16, 2018
    @Bettina F.Thanks, I agree about the adulting.I have Landlording! I will look for that. I didn't even think to look there. We are definitely doing one lease so we don't end up w... See more
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Back in the early spring, my BF and I were working on renovating his home of 10+ years to put it up for sale. It had a lot of deferred maintenance and it was either fix and sell or he would have to...

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My son is just starting his second year of college. When his father and I divorced, our children's college funds were sacred money because it was really important to us that they get a college educ...

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I just got back from a 5 state road trip out west. While I was gone I made money on two deals.September 1st mailbox money from the rental property purchased in early August.Our flip sold and the pr...