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Jerryll is the real deal. He's an extremely smart dude that knows his stuff. The best part - he is more than willing to help others. I reached out to him for help with my website and he gave me his number and told me to call anytime. We talked for about 30 minutes and analyzed my website. He definitely knows what he's doing. I can't say enough good things about him. He is also crushing it in his business! Continued success Jerryll!!

Relationship: real estate business. Written 14 Jan 20:59

Cool cool dude! A few emails, a few texts, and a few calls... no bs, and straight to the point. I'm a former soldier so that works for me.

The guy knows what he's talking about as far as SEO goes. I applied only SOME of what he taught me. In that month, I doubled my SEO leads. I was already doing well #3-#5 spot on google, but i wanted the top spot. I made it to the 2nd spot in less than a month. And trust me.. YOU ONLY WANT SPOTS #1-#2.

Relationship: Random... he contacted me to do some SEO stuff for him, and in turn he would help me out too. We lost contact, but later we linked back up, and he gave me some gold nuggets.. Written 20 Dec 20:25

Within 10 minutes, Jerryll was able to find 8 errors on my website and help me correct it! It's people that do good work and it's people like him who you work with and obliterate expectations. Our first call was 30 minutes and during that short call, he gave honest feedback that is APPLICABLE to instantly increase my real estate website. I left the call with so many tangible things to apply and delete from my website that will improve the rankings. Now, I read blogs, watched Youtube videos, talked to other "consultants" so he is not my first person to give me a consultation. I spoke to one person and he was "selling me" then I talked to Jerryll who pulled up my Investor carrot website and did more than what was asked which shows his character. I do not leave many reviews on BP or anything for that matter but he deserved it from his actions, not words.

Relationship: Client. Written 15 May 11:37

Working with Jerryll has been an extremely positive and valuable experience. The guy goes out of his way for you, makes himself available and holds you accountable. All I wanted was some help with SEO and I’m receiving SO much more. He's incredibly clever and provides "outside the box" ideas on how to improve your SEO. Do yourself a favor and stop searching, Jerryll Noorden is the real deal.

Relationship: I was previously a follower of Jerrylls blogs before reaching out for his help.. Written 01 May 10:13

Best Money I ever spent!! His SEO methods are unlike I ever seen. It is nuts! I found Jerryll all over the marketing, and wholesaling forums on Bigger Pockets. It was just mind blowing seeing his results getting so many leads every day. He had a solid track record of these leads pouring in. This guy is not just some self proclaimed SEO "expert" that promises you higher rankings. He is an investor, just like me, like us, having seen and experienced first hand what we as investors deal with and struggle with. He took it upon himself to solve these issues and obviously his solutions work. I now rank #1 for the most sought after keywords (although according to him I will fluctuate for a short while before it is final). I more than highly recommend him in any market (other than SoCal of course !!). Feel free to contact me personally here if you have any questions about my experience working with Jerryll.
Eric Nerhood

Relationship: Business. Written 29 Apr 15:41

Jerryll provides great advice not only for your website conversion but also SEO methods that can help you rank. If you do not know where to start with your website and getting ranked, Jerryll is a great resource for SEO guidance. Having a good amount of SEO knowledge its great having conversation with Jerryll and getting his advice on aspects I am unfamiliar with.

Relationship: Consulting Client. Written 19 May 13:19

Jerryll is the real deal. In one month he did more for my google rankings that I have been able to do over the past year and a half. I highly recommend his services! His stuff is great and he goes above and beyond on a regular basis.

Relationship: I'm a current client. Written 28 May 15:25

Jerryll is an SEO Expert who truly cares about helping others become successful. He took the time out of his day to talk to my sister & I for over an hour about our business, how to improve our website, lead generation etc. It meant a lot to us because he didn't have to and the info he gave was invaluable. Just one convo we had with Jerryll left a lasting impression and we are in the process of implementing everything he suggested. We highly recommend amazing person!

Relationship: Prospective SEO Client. Written 16 Jun 12:17

Jerryll is an SEO master as well a super nice guy. I love real estate but do not love websites, ranking, or anything to do with that stuff so if you are like me, you need Jerryll. He understands it at a deeper level than you can even comprehend! He always makes time to help others and points out things you can do on your own to improve your site. He makes himself available for any questions you have and will make a drastic difference in your rankings.

Relationship: Colleague. Written 13 Aug 10:03

Jerryll has a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to take their SEO to the next level. He is very organized and his new implementation of allows me to continuously move forward even when I feel stuck on certain items. Jerryll is always available and he has a commitment to getting all of his clients to the TOP of google!

Relationship: SEO Optimizer. Written 14 Aug 09:39

Can't thank Jerryll enough for steering me in the right direction. He gives you step by step instructions on what you need to do to build your web presence. He is very fast to respond to questions whether it's via text or call. He is very knowledgeable about SEO, and it shows in his work. Some of the methods he teaches were unknown to me, and I probably never would have thought of them if it weren't for him. Much appreciated

Relationship: SEO Consulting. Written 24 Aug 12:06

Jerryll understands SEO extremely well. He gave me a brilliant 45 minute breakdown on everything SEO that I need to consider when entering the real estate wholesaling market. Extremely passionate and enthusiastic would put it mildly! I'd definitely collaborate and reach out to Jerryll again.

Relationship: Potential SEO Client. Written 25 Aug 09:21