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Learn how to make money with Discounted Mortgages and Notes, trust deeds, contracts, and with cash flows on this forum. Also, tax liens, contractor's liens, leases, etc.
Note: This is not the area to solicit business.

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How to get borrower to refi?
Started by Gabe K.
4 Tiny_1411133542-avatar-gabe_k Gabe K.
about 5 hours ago
Looking for online records for Ocean County NJ foreclosure
Started by Bob Malecki
2 Tiny_1409965358-avatar-globalvillage Bob Malecki
about 5 hours ago
Notes vs. Rental Properties ?
Started by Naphat Suphattanakul
7 No_avatar_tiny Rob Cee
about 6 hours ago
Title Problem Discovered During HELOC Application
Started by David Roberts
3 Tiny_1399608296-avatar-ilikemoney Rob K
1 day ago
Tax Liens: Reasonable Priced Title Policies for Small Land Transactions?
Started by Elizabeth M.
3 Tiny_1414440781-avatar-kmarie K. Marie Poe
3 days ago
Buying note on Oklahoma home, FC in process
Started by Bob Malecki
3 Tiny_1409965358-avatar-globalvillage Bob Malecki
3 days ago
Note Tails
Started by Joshua Andrews
4 No_avatar_tiny Bill Hinshaw
3 days ago
Whats an example of a general, involuntary lien you might see on a preliminary title report?
Started by Mike Miller
3 Tiny_1399604768-avatar-josephball Joseph Ball
3 days ago
Note Buyer
Started by Gilbert Ross Jr
8 Tiny_1402862491-avatar-investorgmross Gilbert Ross Jr
4 days ago
OPM & Notes
Started by Joshua Andrews
7 Tiny_1401550835-avatar-wbonati William Bonati
4 days ago
Tax Lien Sale Due Diligence NJ
Started by Gautam P.
1 Tiny_1398871067-avatar-ncarey Ned Carey
5 days ago
Mortgage Note Investing
Started by Bomani Nantambu
1 Tiny_1399608899-avatar-aartasanchez Alberto Artasanchez
5 days ago
Tax Deeds
Started by Donna Freyman
7 No_avatar_tiny Donna Freyman
6 days ago
Investing in NPN 2nd notes
Started by Terry Royce
6 Tiny_1409965358-avatar-globalvillage Bob Malecki
6 days ago
Court to consider when second mortgage can be void
Started by Bob Malecki
1 Tiny_1407522010-avatar-toddtracy Todd Tracy
6 days ago
Looking for Chicago area attorney familiar with NPN and DIL
Started by Ginger P.
2 Tiny_1412031240-avatar-lumi Lumi Ispas
6 days ago
How much yield to expect?
Started by Ed Barker
1 Tiny_1411663458-avatar-kamerling Boyd McClean
6 days ago
Full original chain VS Full Recorded Chain
Started by Bret Nida
9 Tiny_1409165685-avatar-bestler Bob E.
8 days ago
Re-affirming an obligation post-Chapter 7
Started by Sean M.
7 No_avatar_tiny Erica Baruti
8 days ago
Mortgage assignment
Started by Eli M.
14 Tiny_1406249435-avatar-ok26 Eli M.
8 days ago

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