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This is the forum for renters who are looking for advice in dealing with their landlord. Ask questions about dealing with landlords, leases, tenant rights and other important issues.

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Tenants son having many people at apartment constantly
Started by Rachel Lamory
13 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Last post by Steve Babiak
about 2 hours ago
Renting to Illegal immigrants
Started by Christian Beyer
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by David S.
about 4 hours ago
Tenant Wiring
Started by Keith Nugent
7 Tiny_1424361024-avatar-kponproperties Last post by Keith Nugent
about 5 hours ago
College Housing
Started by Nathan Gilbo
2 Tiny_1427055359-avatar-suek Last post by Sue Kelly
about 5 hours ago
Maximum Occupancy Question
Started by Tracie Van Houten
7 Tiny_1427823920-avatar-traciev Last post by Tracie Van Houten
about 6 hours ago
In commercial real estate, should the landlord or tenant pay for this...?
Started by Tamara Taylor
2 Tiny_1425327343-avatar-tamara1700 Last post by Tamara Taylor
about 8 hours ago
Calculating Cash Flow
Started by Patrick Chu
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Oren Karp
about 12 hours ago
Negative monthly cash flow
Started by Dustin Little
24 Tiny_1427497277-avatar-dustinl1 Last post by Dustin Little
1 day ago
Should You Make Potential Tenants Aware of Reasons for Denial Upfront?
Started by Zachary H.
12 Tiny_1413206913-avatar-bryan_neal Last post by Bryan N.
1 day ago
Started by Kizzy Brooks
15 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Jae h Kim
1 day ago
section 8
Started by Derone Patterson
4 Tiny_1425843592-avatar-derone Last post by Derone Patterson
1 day ago
cash rent
Started by Angelo Garcia
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Angelo Garcia
3 days ago
Baltimore Maryland
Started by Scott Blevins
1 Tiny_1398871067-avatar-ncarey Last post by Ned Carey
3 days ago
Buying rentals in lower class areas near military bases?
Started by Michael Garnto
20 Tiny_1425864843-avatar-davidp27 Last post by David Pickard
3 days ago
Alternatives to Listing Rentals on MLS in Houston Market?
Started by Robbie Pratt
11 Tiny_1405027032-avatar-lukebuyshomes Last post by Luke Moses
4 days ago
To rent with RE agent or without
Started by Irina S.
6 Tiny_1417430717-avatar-born2win Last post by Lelith Walker
4 days ago
Garage space rental
Started by Kevin K.
5 Tiny_1415682512-avatar-ecolegrove Last post by Elizabeth Colegrove
4 days ago
Ending a month to month tenant lease. NY
Started by Robert LaBrie
2 Tiny_1399331377-avatar-bobbyshouse Last post by Robert LaBrie
4 days ago
Hiring a property manager
Started by Debra Murray
7 Tiny_1426645185-avatar-pbrockii Last post by Peter Brock II
5 days ago
What Real Estate Agents Wont Tell You and Don't Want You To Know
Started by MAR DOUDAN
25 Tiny_1399602804-avatar-stamper Last post by Justin Stamper
5 days ago

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