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This is the forum for renters who are looking for advice in dealing with their landlord. Ask questions about dealing with landlords, leases, tenant rights and other important issues.

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Advice on scenerio
Started by Jason H.
1 Tiny 1411102009 avatar hdizmond Last post by Hattie Dizmond
about 2 hours ago
property manager
Started by Peter Le
1 Tiny 1399698864 avatar fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
about 6 hours ago
I'M the one breaking a lease agreement and need help
Started by Joe D.
5 Tiny 1399747409 avatar williamhoch Last post by William Hochstedler
about 10 hours ago
First Investment Idea
Started by Shylil Smith
10 No avatar tiny Last post by Shylil Smith
about 10 hours ago
Will section 8 only pay out for 1 bedroom rate for this property?
Started by Jeremy Jackson
1 Tiny 1432876138 avatar matts16 Last post by Matt Slakey
about 16 hours ago
Why we canceled a tenants direct deposit payment option…and why you should too after the 5-day notice.
Started by Michael S.
7 Tiny 1403313351 avatar nattydread Last post by Roy N.
about 22 hours ago
Buying and renting
Started by Tyler Letinski
6 No avatar tiny Last post by James DeRoest
1 day ago
Tenants rejected to cooperate with my assigned contractor
Started by Bob Zhu
9 Tiny 1398784765 avatar wheatie Last post by Jon Holdman
2 days ago
Security Deposit
Started by Michael Garcia
6 Tiny 1399723452 avatar michael84 Last post by Michael Garcia
2 days ago
Parking Space question-please advise
Started by Kexin Ma
9 Tiny 1430433136 avatar jsemrow Last post by Jeff Semrow
2 days ago
neighbors split tree limb hanging over my house
Started by Jeanette Vanden Bosch
4 Tiny 1427055359 avatar suek Last post by Sue Kelly
2 days ago
New to BP - Renters & Sprinkler Systems
Started by Jeanne Jackson
4 Tiny 1427055359 avatar suek Last post by Sue Kelly
2 days ago
Landlord insurance
Started by Kevin Allison
10 Tiny 1420557775 avatar tomg3 Last post by Tom Giles
2 days ago
Property Management Question - Please Advise
Started by Raylor G.
36 Tiny 1433888673 avatar raylor graves Last post by Raylor G.
4 days ago
Is it OK to buy into a Negative Cash Flow Property?
Started by Kenneth M.
85 Tiny 1405467347 avatar mattrosas Last post by Matt R.
4 days ago
Renting in KC area
Started by Josiah Mosley
1 Tiny 1399746761 avatar a brown87 Last post by Aaron Brown
5 days ago
Buy N holding in low income/ high crime normal?
Started by Maurice Ilao
16 Tiny 1402847119 avatar fischem Last post by Michele Fischer
5 days ago
Giving back to tenants?
Started by Michael W.
36 No avatar tiny Last post by Jennifer Tornus
5 days ago
Need some quick advice about getting tenants out.
Started by Quintin Mortensen
1 Tiny 1399672937 avatar kyran Last post by Kelly N.
6 days ago
Missing pins from locks
Started by Kent Verge
1 Tiny 1415269499 avatar joshnix Last post by Josh Nix
6 days ago

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