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This is the forum for renters who are looking for advice in dealing with their landlord. Ask questions about dealing with landlords, leases, tenant rights and other important issues.

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increasing rent by 29%
Started by Jeff McConnell
10 No avatar tiny Last post by Toots Mcgee
about 5 hours ago
Renting homes under section 8
Started by Kellen Bradford
3 Tiny 1436395460 avatar homerunkay Last post by Kellen Bradford
about 8 hours ago
Becoming a landlord
Started by Aaron Tackett
4 Tiny 1421795392 avatar allenc4 Last post by Allen Clark
about 9 hours ago
Is a rent to own program legitimate?
Started by David Perez
7 Tiny 1438545613 avatar knucs Last post by Kelly B.
about 12 hours ago
What would you do????
Started by Meg Kangai
15 Tiny 1399726730 avatar joefairless Last post by Joe Fairless
about 12 hours ago
Never bought before; Moving to a new location; Duplex?
Started by Cameron Korzeniowski
3 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
about 16 hours ago
Finding a good property manager in Temple Texas
Started by Marie Shaug
1 Tiny 1419100454 avatar ctewing Last post by Cal Ewing
about 17 hours ago
Does preferring single tenants violate the Fair Housing Act?
Started by James H.
18 Tiny 1413747373 avatar russelltee Last post by Russell Brazil
about 19 hours ago
buying 4 fixer uppers at once
Started by Kellen Bradford
8 Tiny 1436395460 avatar homerunkay Last post by Kellen Bradford
about 21 hours ago
Additional Deposits
Started by Cheri Schaffer
4 Tiny 1435601359 avatar cheris Last post by Cheri Schaffer
2 days ago
Finding Property First Rent to Own Tenants
Started by Ben H.
0 Tiny 1434461093 avatar millionman200 Last post by Ben H.
2 days ago
Started by Serena Holland
7 No avatar tiny Last post by Serena Holland
3 days ago
Changing tenants and cleaning
Started by Tyson Goodnight
6 No avatar tiny Last post by Richard C.
3 days ago
Tenant Screening Services
Started by Ilya Hvostikov
7 Tiny 1427312108 avatar chrisg14 Last post by Chris G.
3 days ago
Rental Applications-What do you use?
Started by Emily Du Plessis
11 No avatar tiny Last post by Jassem A.
3 days ago
Tenant Screening Dilemma: HUD-VASH vs. Terrible Credit
Started by Sharon Powell
16 Tiny 1434573064 avatar lrgarkansas Last post by John Taylor
3 days ago
eviction lawyer in Columbus,Ohio
Started by George Marinov
1 Tiny 1436029335 avatar damond1 Last post by Damon Duperre
3 days ago
Tenant Screening Guidance and Move in Date Complications
Started by Lance Smith
2 Tiny 1399654391 avatar stankc Last post by Chris K.
3 days ago
When and when not to do requested repairs on a property
Started by Marvin Q.
8 No avatar tiny Last post by Mark B.
3 days ago
What is Your Policy on Renting to Tenants with Dogs?
Started by Ryan Billingsley
105 No avatar tiny Last post by Marvin Q.
4 days ago

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