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This is the forum for renters who are looking for advice in dealing with their landlord. Ask questions about dealing with landlords, leases, tenant rights and other important issues.

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Started by Stanley E.
17 No avatar tiny Last post by Gail Kaitschuck
about 1 hour ago
Rented too Low
Started by Troy Kerr
3 No avatar tiny Last post by Troy Kerr
about 1 hour ago
Carpet ruined - Do I have recourse? Should I pursue?
Started by Jeff G.
30 Tiny 1426773641 avatar douglas higa sr Last post by Douglas Higa
about 5 hours ago
Got my first rental tenant
Started by Mike Moreken
9 Tiny 1433991530 avatar walkerj Last post by Walker Jamar
about 5 hours ago
Section 8?
Started by Cedric Dadaille
22 Tiny 1402847119 avatar fischem Last post by Michele Fischer
about 11 hours ago
Inheriting A Tenant That Doesn't Run the Air Conditioner
Started by Brandon Johnson
14 Tiny 1416263523 avatar bocephus Last post by Brandon Johnson
about 14 hours ago
how to deal with undesirable neighbors nextdoor to vacant unit.
Started by Rhodaline Dekyi-Arthur
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Jim Adrian
about 16 hours ago
Residency in another state ....
Started by Kenneth Vargas
10 Tiny 1399750629 avatar rwmorgan48 Last post by Robert M.
about 20 hours ago
What type of documents do I serve in this situation..?
Started by Chantz Ireland
0 Tiny 1437613780 avatar chantz Last post by Chantz Ireland
1 day ago
oil to gas conversion,whats best way to split heating utility
Started by Shibu Thomas
5 Tiny 1433770700 avatar shibu Last post by Shibu Thomas
1 day ago
Rental rate increase
Started by Rick Zink
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Rick Zink
1 day ago
New---Advice Please
Started by Jason Alden
7 Tiny 1440978209 avatar jasona15 Last post by Jason Alden
1 day ago
Tenant Class Redford, MI
Started by Jeff Helm
1 Tiny 1422410796 avatar pododub Last post by Joshua Woolls
1 day ago
Serving notice to vacate. HELP
Started by Chantz Ireland
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Al Wilson
1 day ago
Starting out - Property Management Costs
Started by William Stubbs
5 No avatar tiny Last post by William Stubbs
1 day ago
Baby Boomer Retirees and Downsizing
Started by Anthony Joseph Kendall II
3 Tiny 1440730369 avatar anthonyj12 Last post by Anthony Joseph Kendall II
1 day ago
How to find old rental listing?
Started by Stefan Augustyniak
0 Tiny 1423174262 avatar stefana1 Last post by Stefan Augustyniak
1 day ago
Rent is always just a little short
Started by Allen Clark
1 Tiny 1438013997 avatar dave42000 Last post by David S.
2 days ago
Property with high radon
Started by Helen Vann
0 Tiny 1438809862 avatar helenv Last post by Helen Vann
2 days ago
Rent a condo after selling house!!
Started by Shirley James
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Shirley James
2 days ago

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