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This is the forum for renters. Lets talk about dealing with landlords, leases, and other issues.

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How to handle this situation: City Fines and responsibility
Started by Jake Thomas
4 Tiny_1399734683-avatar-jakethomas Jake Thomas
about 7 hours ago
Asking more for rent once you screen an applicant...Legal?
Started by Brad Fry
5 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
about 10 hours ago
Best/Fastest Ways to Receive Rent
Started by Cody Ferguson
5 Tiny_1411341099-avatar-averillr Ron Averill
about 12 hours ago
First Time Landlords
Started by Martha T.
4 Tiny_1399693743-avatar-martha_t Martha T.
about 18 hours ago
Best way to negotiate rent and terms
Started by Joe D.
8 No_avatar_tiny Joe D.
about 23 hours ago
Buying REI with a bad Basement?
Started by Jason Boyer
1 Tiny_1399789105-avatar-rdossey1 Ryan Dossey
1 day ago
Budget Info. to Tenants
Started by Cordell Martin
7 Tiny_1399708570-avatar-phillyneutrino Tim Butters
1 day ago
How could you find a home owners phone#/email w/ just an address??
Started by Deville Nunes
4 Tiny_1408816344-avatar-daveinpgh David R.
1 day ago
water bill issue
Started by David Watters
1 Tiny_1399656157-avatar-hipp23 Kyle Hipp
1 day ago
Baltimore water bills and tenants
Started by Nicole W.
29 Tiny_1399376780-avatar-zathrus Wayne G.
2 days ago
How much work does landlording really involve?
Started by John Richardson
5 No_avatar_tiny John Richardson
2 days ago
How do you screen your tennants
Started by Chip Chronister
1 Tiny_1399693473-avatar-brettrussell Brett Russell
3 days ago
Tenant qualification
Started by Seth Sherman
4 Tiny_1407637540-avatar-drosen Dick Rosen
3 days ago
How do I Handel a deposit for a (very)short-term tenant
Started by Anthony Greene
4 Tiny_1407637540-avatar-drosen Dick Rosen
3 days ago
Own property rental
Started by Carlos Perez
1 Tiny_1399656157-avatar-hipp23 Kyle Hipp
4 days ago
Pick the best from the worst?? or wait till someone better comes along??
Started by Cassandra Olivier
5 Tiny_1407121857-avatar-scao89 Sihao Cao
4 days ago
Tenants complains
Started by Lalaine Hagler
17 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Joel Owens
4 days ago
Purchasing 4 plex, getting new tenants, and renovation advice.
Started by Chris Shepard
7 Tiny_1405555294-avatar-rarebird Mike Nuss
4 days ago
Should I evict??
Started by Shane Waller
16 No_avatar_tiny Seth Sherman
4 days ago
owner/occupant in duplex - rent to section 8?
Started by Sam McClellan
20 No_avatar_tiny Kelly Miller
5 days ago

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