4 Steps for Using Google AdWords in Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

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I just had a great conversation with a client today regarding how to use Google Adwords for real estate marketing. For those who haven’t tried using this platform before, it is much more complicated than picking a good set of keywords and driving traffic to your websites.

With Google’s intense rules and guidelines, there are a lot of important areas you must be aware of to make this technique successful. Therefore, to get you started off on the right foot, let’s examine 4 key steps that you must implement within Adwords in order to begin producing positive results.

4 Steps for Effectively Using Google AdWords for Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

    1. Choosing your defaults: Please keep in mind that you do not want to select the defaults Google provides when setting things up. In other words, your Adwords real estate marketing plan needs to be as optimized and targeted as possible. Here are a few changes you may want to consider:
      • Under “locations and languages,” you can set it up to either target your country, a set of states or even a very customized location (such as your zip code). For those who are only reaching out to a very localized market, you may want to consider honing down your reach.
      • Remember that there are 3 ways that you can display your ads: Google’s search network, search partners and the display network. The search network is what most agents and brokers are familiar with, while search partners and the display network can be used to reach a broader audience, but with much less control.
      • Choosing the proper devices, bidding and ad options for your marketing plan can also be very important. Consider if your site is optimized for mobile users and how much you are willing to spend. Be sure to also choose how and when your ads will be displayed as well.


    1. Selecting niche specific keywords: Next, make sure that you have chosen the best keywords possible for your local market. Focus on what your strengths and areas of expertise are first. Then devise a list of keywords built around that common theme.

      Remember that phrases which include 3 or more words are great to target, because they will typically have less competition and be lower in price (although there are exceptions).Examples of some great real estate marketing keywords may be: “Your Area foreclosures,” “Your Area homes for sale,” or “Your Area townhomes.” Use Google’s keyword tool to find relevant search phrases.

    2. Producing high quality ad copy: Your goal is to get into your customer’s head. What needs do they have that you could address? Think about how you can position each ad to offer the solution they are looking for.

      This is where you want to be creative too. Make sure that you stand out from the crowd with your real estate marketing. Offer a free report, list of properties, or something else of value on your website that will get them to click for more information. See what everyone else is doing and try the opposite approach.Be sure to use your keywords in the title and body and to have some call to action. Always offer a benefit to your prospects as well. People love quantifiable numbers and results. If you have a claim to fame then be sure to mention it.


  1. Running reports, rules and alerts: Although we cannot offer an exhaustive list, remember that there is more than one way to manage your real estate marketing campaign within Adwords. Be sure to take advantage of the following examples:
    • Dimensions: Measure things like the time of day or geographic area that your clicks are coming from
    • Alerts: Receive emails automatically when you reach a percentage of your daily budget for instance
    • Automate: The system will instantly change your max CPC if you fall out of your desired ad position, along with many other options
    • Reports: Download information about your campaigns straight to Excel

Overall, your goal should be to offer a quality user experience. Keep your Adwords real estate marketing plan targeted, and create a highly optimized landing page with strong lead capture. Always track your conversions and tweak where necessary. Remember, this is a constant work in progress.

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    • Great question Alex. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple since bid prices greatly vary across the board. If you use Google’s keyword tool (clicking the 3rd html link in the article above), you will be able to review your own keywords along with a list of average cost per clicks (CPC) for each.

      However, you’ll need to create an adwords account first and make sure you’re logged in to view estimated bid prices. If that column is not showing, be sure to click the “columns” drop down menu and select “approximate CPC.”

      Another thing you can try is Google’s Traffic Estimator located at https://adwords.google.com/select/TrafficEstimatorSandbox which you don’t need an account for. Enter your chosen keyword, Max CPC (the maximum you’re willing to pay for keyword) and Daily Budget (max amount you want to spend for the day) and it should give you an estimated avg. CPC. But keep in mind that these values are not entirely accurate and only give you a starting point.

      You may find you need to bid more or less depending on how your campaign performs. Bid pricing will also play a factor in where your ad is displayed in the results. Since there is no exact science, the best methodology is to test and tweak and find what produces the best conversions for you.

  1. While google adwords is undoubtedly a great tool to use with real estate internet marketing, it is also quite intimidating. I already tried facebook ads and I can say that it was a painless experience and it is also an effective way to bring traffic targeted traffic to one’s website.

  2. Google AdWords is a great tool to get highly targeted traffic to your offers. However, It’ll become harder and more expensive when everyone is doing it. Calculating your ROI is your only way to making a profit from it. I’ve ran some Facebook ad campaigns, and they really have a very conversion rate especially if you know how to target your potential audience (their per 1000 impression option is great).

    M Mark

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