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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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0.40% Response Rate on Yellow Letter - Looking for Suggestions
Started by Paul Felix
39 Tiny 1441199686 avatar paulf16 Last post by Paul Felix
1 minute ago
New Albany , Indiana Real Estate Agent and Attorney
Started by Jami Morton
1 Tiny 1425497036 avatar jimb22 Last post by Jim Benson
about 1 hour ago
no responses from direct mail..
Started by Robbie Knecht
0 Tiny 1440455729 avatar robbiek Last post by Robbie Knecht
about 4 hours ago
Craigslist Ad for Sellers, Who uses them and what do you use?
Started by Erick Harbert
7 Tiny 1436304388 avatar venstop12 Last post by Mike Nelson
about 6 hours ago
New Direct Mail Campaign-South Side Chicago Market
Started by Larmon Cummings Jr
1 Tiny 1436298492 avatar gerardod Last post by Gerardo Dominguez
about 9 hours ago
First DM Marketing results
Started by Matt Ellis
16 Tiny 1441927138 avatar justinb32 Last post by Justin Brown
about 22 hours ago
Researching new rural zipcodes to mail to avoid competition?
Started by Billy Bell
4 Tiny 1442704503 avatar dawnjett Last post by Dawn Jett
1 day ago
What is your cost per a lead for seller?
Started by Shane Foster
2 Tiny 1435844949 avatar mlavoie91 Last post by Marc Lavoie
1 day ago
Investor friendly agents
Started by Kelly Niddrie
8 Tiny 1418773436 avatar ctinvestor Last post by Michael Noto
1 day ago
I have Incredible cash flow, but HORRIBLE credit
Started by Logan Hicks
5 Tiny 1399654737 avatar jfmald Last post by Juan Maldonado
1 day ago
Measuring direct mail response rate & effectiveness: Any horror stories?
Started by Greg F.
3 Tiny 1442838031 avatar brianr39 Last post by Brian Rahaley
1 day ago
The best list to mail to
Started by Charlie John
4 Tiny 1444089908 avatar cthouseninja Last post by Aaron Bowman
1 day ago
Yellow Letter Voicemail Script - Looking for Feedback
Started by Paul Felix
4 Tiny 1441199686 avatar paulf16 Last post by Paul Felix
2 days ago
Mailing lists investors
Started by Michael White
0 Tiny 1421692062 avatar michaelw10 Last post by Michael White
2 days ago
Hagerstown, MD property management companies?
Started by Ray Arends
6 Tiny 1439487938 avatar wvray Last post by Ray Arends
3 days ago
tile company & escrow
Started by Michael Garay
2 Tiny 1442889624 avatar michaelg74 Last post by Michael Garay
3 days ago
Is there a way to network to landlords that want to sell
Started by Steven Price jr
5 Tiny 1399559357 avatar pricestar66 Last post by Steven Price jr
3 days ago
1st Post Card Mailing Campaign
Started by Kevin Carbon
41 Tiny 1425191385 avatar kevincarb Last post by Kevin Carbon
3 days ago
Market for property flyer design?
Started by Traver Freeman
0 Tiny 1432601713 avatar elanesse100 Last post by Traver Freeman
4 days ago

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