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CALLING ALL INVESTORS - "I'm Trying to See Something"
***INVESTORS IN THE HONOLULU, WAIKIKI, OHAU MARKETS*** I am interested in purchasing an investment property in the Waikiki area. I would like to inquire about available financing options. Under a possible scenario, my... View more
Marketing Plan that works.
Hey fellow BPers,  I'm stuck and i can't seem to get unstuck! I currently FLIP 3-5 homes per year and this year my goal is 15. My struggle is figuring out just Where and How much to spend on Marketing to get me to the... View more
Text Message Marketing Comparison
Do you guys prefer Lead Sherpa or Launch Control for your text message marketing and skip tracing? Seem to be similarly priced....Who has used both?Does one have better skip tracing?Does one have a better text... View more
Buying a triplex with a tenant who refused to vacate
I need advise from experts on how to go about this. My first investment opportunity- a triplex with tenant in place that refused to move despite court injunction. The seller is willing to wait till the whole process is... View more
What's the deal with the do not call list? If I find a property that has the potential to be a good wholesale property, can I call up the owner and tell them my interest. I'm talking no FSBO sign, no for rent sign,... View more
Direct-Mail Marketing (absentee owner)
Hello everyone,I asked a similar, more broad, question a few weeks ago without a response so I’m hoping I’ve narrowed down my concerns enough to generate a response. I’m working on a campaign for February and I’m... View more
Where Can I Buy The Best Leads?
If I'm willing to pay for the best leads, what services should I use?  Probate, Inheritance, Tax Default, Code Violators, Foreclosure, Equity, Divorce, Vacancy, etc?I'll bet there are different services that are best... View more
Investor package sample required
Deal Summary  if someone has a pdf or ppt presentation for an investor package it will be helpful. Plan: Our contractors are going to renovate a brand new kitchen and update the home prior to closing with a new buyer.... View more
Subject-To: Getting Leads
Hello, I am taking the first steps to buying properties Subject-To!I am creating postcards and handwritten letters to send via mail and email. What key elements are needed in my advertisements to attract leads? What... View more
Estero Investments experience?
Hi there,Does anyone have experience with Estero Investments or Buller River Development Partners (they’re joint companies). They specialize in new construction properties for investors. They have new and planned... View more
HELP!!!!   I'm about to place an order of 100 bandit signs and was wondering is their that big of a difference in purchasing 24" x 18"  or 18" x 12" signs?   Thanks for your input
Has anybody had luck with bandit signs in Southern California?The Inland Empire area.I haven't had any luck with them.Am I wasting my money, or is it just a matter of the location of the signs?
FB ads campaign for wholesaling
Hello,I want to do a Facebook campaign to find buyers/seller leads for my real estate wholesaling business.I already tried Lead campaign without a luck.For those of you who did it successfuly, can you please share what... View more
Not enough income to get a mortgage
Hi guys, Need some advice please help!!!Current situation: Husband makes $15 an hour and works full time. I’m an independent contractor hair stylist. I took a 3 year break in my career for personal reasons and got back... View more
Direct Mail Providers With Do It Yourself Drip Campaigns?
Who is everyone using for direct mail?  I want the ability to setup a drip campaign online and then be able to add addresses in bulk or one at a time as I come across them.  Does anyone have any recommendations for... View more
First Investment Property Advice
I looking into buying my first rental property and just looking for some advice or tips of things I should really be aware of. I would also like to ask about the pros and cons between renting and Air BNB. Thank you.
Cities in Tennessee
Any recommendations on what cities to look at in Tennessee? I’m an out of state investor wanting to buy in Tennessee! Any suggestions? If so, any good property management companies in those cities that you have had a... View more
Worth it? Direct to Seller Marketing
With as many wholesalers that there are out there, is it worth it for me to start doing direct to seller marketing and internet marketing? I don’t have any intentions of doing full time wholesaling, but I see the... View more
New Investor in West Haven CT area
Hi Everyone! My name is Katherine, I've browsed Bigger pockets site for a few years now and this is my first time posting. I'm currently a Real Estate Agent in CT and I'm looking into purchasing my first investment... View more