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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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Dropping over 2k pieces of mail this week
Started by Ryan D.
18 Tiny 1438225468 avatar tmyers Last post byTom Myers
about 9 hours ago
Maryland's Probate list
Started by Shanda Brown
2 Tiny 1454864598 avatar shandab Last post byShanda Brown
about 9 hours ago
Flippers:Do you put your logo and/or picture on your direct mail?
Started by James Masotti
8 No avatar tiny Last post byAl Wilson
about 10 hours ago
Biggest Seller Lead Generation Website Vs. Mail Vs. Doorknocking?
Started by Tyler Thornton
20 Tiny 1453571821 avatar adriennwi Last post byAdrien Schebott
about 10 hours ago
Questionarre for Land Investing?
Started by Gerald Harris
4 Tiny 1448322693 avatar jlh Last post byJay Hinrichs
about 17 hours ago
land deal
Started by Christopher Shearer
8 Tiny 1454860549 avatar christophers59 Last post byChristopher Shearer
about 17 hours ago
Services that capture phone numbers
Started by Eric H.
13 Tiny 1448388661 avatar harrishomes Last post byEric H.
about 17 hours ago
Door Hanger Campaign
Started by Robert Shoffner
19 Tiny 1448397748 avatar jetsetterrealty Last post byKevin Fox
1 day ago
Scripts for calling on sellers
Started by Steve Babiak
29 Tiny 1452713178 avatar joser21 Last post byJose R.
1 day ago
Scrub for duplicates
Started by Jeff Fairchild
2 Tiny 1448388349 avatar aaronlinden Last post byAaron Linden
1 day ago
Different mailers for different niches?
Started by Jeff Fairchild
0 Tiny 1448700938 avatar jefff14 Last post byJeff Fairchild
1 day ago
1st Post Card Mailing Campaign
Started by Kevin Carbon
42 Tiny 1436892014 avatar jamesm74 Last post byJames Masotti
2 days ago
Researching and owner locating
Started by Cynthia Scaife
0 Tiny 1426639562 avatar zera Last post byCynthia Scaife
2 days ago
New to BP, question about reaching out to a potential seller
Started by Ty Mar
3 Tiny 1454817172 avatar tym4 Last post byTy Mar
2 days ago
Postcards or mailing failure?
Started by Keith Burton
17 Tiny 1399050034 avatar jls944 Last post byJustin Silverio
2 days ago
Ink color on Yellow letters and Envelopes
Started by Nick N.
2 Tiny 1425866433 avatar davydr Last post byDavyd Ramirez
2 days ago
Any Philadelphia investors looking for help?
Started by Dorian Redden
0 Tiny 1453926329 avatar dorianr2 Last post byDorian Redden
2 days ago
Divorce mailings
Started by Brian Daly
26 No avatar tiny Last post byJoseph Erler
2 days ago
Internet and Direct Mail marketing to buy houses as a Realtor
Started by Wilco Ravestijn
4 Tiny 1427733856 avatar seniorsurfer Last post byGuy Gimenez
3 days ago

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