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This forum covers real estate investor marketing, including using print, direct mail, the internet, or classifieds for finding deals or to promote your real estate investing career.

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My Direct Mail Campaign Results Have Been Atrocious...HELP Please!
Sharon Vornholt Last post by Sharon Vornholt, 4 months ago
Sharon Vornholt Sharon Vornholt 348 4 months Jump to last post
Tax deed properties
Brian Ploszay Last post by Brian Ploszay, about 2 hours ago
Brian Ploszay Brian Ploszay 1 about 2 hours Jump to last post
Best Sourc For Absence Owner List
Jamier Hughes Last post by Jamier Hughes, about 4 hours ago
Jamier Hughes Jamier Hughes 4 about 4 hours Jump to last post
Best locations for rentals in Pennsylvania?
Jr Trotta Last post by Jr Trotta, about 9 hours ago
Jr Trotta Jr Trotta 0 about 9 hours Jump to last post
Seeking Investor in West Michigan
Andrew Harrell Last post by Andrew Harrell, about 12 hours ago
Andrew Harrell Andrew Harrell 3 about 12 hours Jump to last post
Death of Direct Mail...Birth to Digital Marketing
Stephen Kunen Last post by Stephen Kunen, about 16 hours ago
Stephen Kunen Stephen Kunen 85 about 16 hours Jump to last post
New investor looking to invest in Modesto CA area
Dusty Sanguinetti Last post by Dusty Sanguinetti, about 22 hours ago
Dusty Sanguinetti Dusty Sanguinetti 7 about 22 hours Jump to last post
Marketing buy and sell
Eric Estep Last post by Eric Estep, 2 days ago
Eric Estep Eric Estep 2 2 days Jump to last post
Proven Wholesaling Script
Demarko Lee Last post by Demarko Lee, 2 days ago
Demarko Lee Demarko Lee 4 2 days Jump to last post
Outsourcing Callbacks and Appointment Setting
Joseph Lipshutz Last post by Joseph Lipshutz, 2 days ago
Joseph Lipshutz Joseph Lipshutz 3 2 days Jump to last post
Someone built property over a tax deed land I received
Wayne Brooks Last post by Wayne Brooks, 2 days ago
Wayne Brooks Wayne Brooks 4 2 days Jump to last post
James Kobzeff Last post by James Kobzeff, 3 days ago
James Kobzeff James Kobzeff 17 3 days Jump to last post
Driving for Dollars App?
Frank O. Last post by Frank O., 3 days ago
Frank O. Frank O. 13 3 days Jump to last post
100k to invest in Pennsylvania ... Where to start???
JJ Chojnowski Last post by JJ Chojnowski, 3 days ago
JJ Chojnowski JJ Chojnowski 5 3 days Jump to last post
I have a unique name.
Shabar Marshall Last post by Shabar Marshall, 4 days ago
Shabar Marshall Shabar Marshall 5 4 days Jump to last post
What methods do you use to find "Owner Finance Buyers"
William Knights Last post by William Knights, 4 days ago
William Knights William Knights 0 4 days Jump to last post
Red oak, ia rental property
Angelo Emmanuel Last post by Angelo Emmanuel, 4 days ago
Angelo Emmanuel Angelo Emmanuel 0 4 days Jump to last post
What is an advertising "Bot"?
Greg Shell Last post by Greg Shell, 5 days ago
Greg Shell Greg Shell 0 5 days Jump to last post
Question about leads calling in from marketing
Anthony Palacino Last post by Anthony Palacino, 5 days ago
Anthony Palacino Anthony Palacino 28 5 days Jump to last post
When to sell a rental property?
Dave Passey Last post by Dave Passey, 6 days ago
Dave Passey Dave Passey 2 6 days Jump to last post
Apartments Owners Lists
Benjamin Schultz Last post by Benjamin Schultz, 6 days ago
Benjamin Schultz Benjamin Schultz 1 6 days Jump to last post
Creating a Land List
Jonathan Landry Last post by Jonathan Landry, 6 days ago
Jonathan Landry Jonathan Landry 0 6 days Jump to last post
Networking for investors and partners-suggestions?
Tara Daniels Last post by Tara Daniels, 6 days ago
Tara Daniels Tara Daniels 1 6 days Jump to last post
Wholesaling Probates & Removal of trustee
Kayla Norris Last post by Kayla Norris, 6 days ago
Kayla Norris Kayla Norris 5 6 days Jump to last post
Be careful paying unlicensed people to find properties for you unless you want to loose your license
Aquina Searight Last post by Aquina Searight, 7 days ago
Aquina Searight Aquina Searight 11 7 days Jump to last post

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