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The Most Effective Way to Build a Strong Online Presence (& Why It’s Key for Growing Your Business)

Adam Gower
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The Most Effective Way to Build a Strong Online Presence (& Why It’s Key for Growing Your Business)

As human beings—no matter who we are or what we might do—there are many natural limits in our world that we simply cannot overcome. There will only be 24 hours in any given day and within these 24 hours, there will be even less time that we can spend doing something productive. Our time is precious, so inevitably, we have to find ways to maximize each waking moment to the greatest extent we can.

These well-known realities ought to inspire us to live a fulfilling life. But furthermore, they also ought to inspire us to make the most we possibly can out of our finite moments in each day. If something can be done in one minute, rather than 20 minutes, we have a natural incentive to do what is easiest. Our endless thirst for efficiency is an instinct as natural as any other.

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The Rise of Digital Communication

In fact, this burning need to become more efficient is something that can be seen in essentially every component of the real estate world. Why interact with one person when we could be interacting with 10 or a hundred? Why pursue one lead when we could be pursuing thousands at once?

In our quest to become more efficient with our daily communications, the growth of social media and digital marketing—especially in real estate syndication with the advent of crowdfunding—has come quite naturally.

Most people in the real estate syndication community know that things such as digital marketing, social media, and branding are all incredibly important. But to see how, exactly, these things add value to a developer or investor, it might be better to readjust our mindset. We must realize that the message and the brand are inseparable.

Digital marketing, it seems, is just an extension of the underlying brand or individual. Neither the brand nor the message that is being marketed exists in a vacuum—each one will enhance, shape, and directly affect the other.

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When a real estate developer engages in a digital marketing campaign, they are not creating a new voice. Instead, they’re amplifying an identity that has already been forged. Digital content, social media pages, and even direct emails all enable developers to reach many different investor prospects at once and consequently use their voice in a much more efficient way. With a single post, a developer can effectively engage in thousands of different “conversations” at once—while only doing a few minutes of work.

In the past, someone hoping to raise funds for a commercial real estate project would have to solicit a long list of prospects individually. It was something that could take days or months—sometimes even years—to complete. But today, the voice of the brand can grow exceptionally vast, reaching new prospects, reinforcing existing relationships, and spreading a branded identity across the digital world.

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If a developer’s brand is connected to a single individual, it is important to remember that one is an extension of the other, rather than being two distinct entities. In an era that is ripe with misinformation on the internet, the cynical masses are (rightfully) always going to be skeptical of what people are saying and assume that a speaker is, essentially, a phony.

This skepticism is even stronger when there is a large amount of money involved. The need for authenticity cannot be glossed over or ignored. Efficiency and authenticity, as a dynamic duo of values, will be absolutely necessary for digital marketing efforts to be effective. This will be what helps your investor network grow and reach more prospects.

Naturally, most campaigns will need to begin with the campaigner recognizing who they are and what makes them unique. Rather than creating a cheap image of who you hope to become, the content you are creating—whether it is an article, a social media post, or anything else—should be centered around the things that make you or your company different from the many alternatives.

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In real estate syndication, there are plenty of identities that an individual might assume: the knowledgeable expert, the skilled negotiator, the industry veteran, and the risk-taking visionary—these are just a few of the personas a sponsor might consider adopting.

But again, this sponsor will need to view their content as an extension of themselves. If they assume that they can take on all of these distinct (and sometimes contradictory) identities at once, then most likely, none of them will actually ever be believed or embraced.

Once again, we see just how carefully digital marketing needs to be balanced. You need to optimistic, but also be realistic. You need to be efficient, but also be personable. You need to be constantly willing to grow and evolve, but most importantly—and irreversibly—you need to be authentically you.

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