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Flipping and Wholesaling Homes While Working Full Time with Justin Silverio

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Flipping and Wholesaling Homes While Working Full Time with Justin Silverio

For anyone who’s flipped a house before, you understand how much work it can take. However, today’s guest is not only flipping one house – but three all at the same time while still working a full time day job. Today Justin Silverio, an investor out of the Boston Massachusetts area, shares with us a ton of tips about getting started, building systems to manage your business, working with partners, wholesaling, and a whole lot more.

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In This Show, We Cover:

  • Why it took Justin three attempts to get into real estateBiggerPockets Podcast _ Real Estate Investing and Wealth Building 9.42.11 AM
  • How Justin overcame “Analysis Paralysis
  • Making less than minimum wage on the first flip
  • The 5 documents you need to get from your contractors
  • How a contractor stole from Justin and his business
  • When it’s okay to make nothing on a flip
  • Building a business plan to help you succeed
  • Direct mail marketing to motivated sellers
  • Partnering with others when flipping houses
  • How Justin can flip three houses, at the same time, while working a full time job
  • Tackling HUGE rehabs as a newbie
  • And LOTS more!

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  • “The school of hard knocks sometimes teaches better than a $60,000 bootcamp.” (Tweet This!)

  • “A business plan shows you are serious about your business.” (Tweet This!)

  • “You never know when the next deal is going to happen – so never quit!” (Tweet This!)

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