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This forum is designed to help coordinate local member events and meetups, as well as to give REIAs and other groups a place to promote.
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Desi Arnaz Last post by Desi Arnaz, almost 6 years ago
Desi Arnaz Desi Arnaz 4 almost 6 years Jump to last post
NOREIA July Main Monthly Meeting
Jessica Manzella Last post by Jessica Manzella, 36 minutes ago
Jessica Manzella Jessica Manzella 0 36 minutes Jump to last post
Adding value to commercial real estate
Raphael Collazo Last post by Raphael Collazo, about 3 hours ago
Raphael Collazo Raphael Collazo 0 about 3 hours Jump to last post
Hidden Treasure: Direct Mail Strategies for Finding Deals
Frank Hinck Last post by Frank Hinck, about 4 hours ago
Frank Hinck Frank Hinck 1 about 4 hours Jump to last post
Wild West Multifamily Meetup (ONLINE)
Mark Hentemann Last post by Mark Hentemann, about 8 hours ago
Mark Hentemann Mark Hentemann 1 about 8 hours Jump to last post
Moises R Cosme Last post by Moises R Cosme, about 8 hours ago
Moises R Cosme Moises R Cosme 1 about 8 hours Jump to last post
7/29 - Making Offers that Get Accepted, SJREIA Free Webinar - 7pm
Tom Dagney Last post by Tom Dagney, about 8 hours ago
Tom Dagney Tom Dagney 0 about 8 hours Jump to last post
Cocktails & Real Estate with
Elliott Stern Last post by Elliott Stern, about 9 hours ago
Elliott Stern Elliott Stern 4 about 9 hours Jump to last post
MAREI July Meeting: Build a Business Not a Job with Damon Remy
Kim Tucker Last post by Kim Tucker, about 12 hours ago
Kim Tucker Kim Tucker 1 about 12 hours Jump to last post
Webinar: Eviction Moratorium Update
Jillian Campayno Last post by Jillian Campayno, about 12 hours ago
Jillian Campayno Jillian Campayno 0 about 12 hours Jump to last post
St. Louis REI Happy Hour!
Justin Merod Last post by Justin Merod, about 13 hours ago
Justin Merod Justin Merod 6 about 13 hours Jump to last post
January 2020 OKC Meet Up
Joshua Sword Last post by Joshua Sword, about 13 hours ago
Joshua Sword Joshua Sword 7 about 13 hours Jump to last post
Lunch & Learn for Women in Real Estate Investing
Laura Alamery Last post by Laura Alamery, about 13 hours ago
Laura Alamery Laura Alamery 5 about 13 hours Jump to last post
Baltimore Real Estate Round Table Discussion & Deal Makers ONLINE
Sam Lewis Last post by Sam Lewis, about 14 hours ago
Sam Lewis Sam Lewis 1 about 14 hours Jump to last post
Humboldt County Real Estate Investors - Arcata
Colin Curren Last post by Colin Curren, about 23 hours ago
Colin Curren Colin Curren 2 about 23 hours Jump to last post
Women Investing in Real Estate Virtual Meetup
Suzanne Sevier Last post by Suzanne Sevier, about 23 hours ago
Suzanne Sevier Suzanne Sevier 1 about 23 hours Jump to last post
How to Structure Deals With Investors
Estrella Carolina Mckinney Last post by Estrella Carolina Mckinney, 1 day ago
Estrella Carolina Mckinney Estrella Carolina Mckinney 1 1 day Jump to last post
Virtual Real Estate Investors Meetup
Alexander Reda Last post by Alexander Reda, 1 day ago
Alexander Reda Alexander Reda 5 1 day Jump to last post
Hidden Treasure: Direct Mail Strategies for Finding Deals
Matt Robinson Last post by Matt Robinson, 1 day ago
Matt Robinson Matt Robinson 0 1 day Jump to last post
InvestHer VA Beach - Partnering with a Private Lender
Taylor Hudgins Last post by Taylor Hudgins, 1 day ago
Taylor Hudgins Taylor Hudgins 0 1 day Jump to last post
Philadelphia Real Estate 'Smoke' - Cigars are for Closers
Timothy Casallas Last post by Timothy Casallas, 1 day ago
Timothy Casallas Timothy Casallas 3 1 day Jump to last post
FREE WEBINAR: “How to Grow Your Wealth With Apartment Building"
Joe DiMaggio Last post by Joe DiMaggio, 1 day ago
Joe DiMaggio Joe DiMaggio 0 1 day Jump to last post
How COVID is affecting your multifamily investments
Robert Martinez Last post by Robert Martinez, 1 day ago
Robert Martinez Robert Martinez 0 1 day Jump to last post
[ONLINE] Deals Meetup: Find & Pitch Deals. Network Partner Invest
Andre Johnson Last post by Andre Johnson, 1 day ago
Andre Johnson Andre Johnson 0 1 day Jump to last post
NOVA REI Network Meetup- July
Adrienne Green Last post by Adrienne Green, 1 day ago
Adrienne Green Adrienne Green 1 1 day Jump to last post

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