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From Real Estate Agent to Profitable Landlord with Dawn Brenengen

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From Real Estate Agent to Profitable Landlord with Dawn Brenengen

Ever wonder what real estate investing looks like from a real estate agent’s perspective?

On today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with Dawn Brenengen, a real estate agent-turned-landlord and discuss how she made the transition into the investing world, as well as her tricks and tips for success as a landlord. Along with important insight into the real estate licensing process, Dawn covers property management, house hacking, and a whole lot more! Listen for advice on finding a great property, handling everyday rental issues and finding that elusive “ideal” tenant. And in case you were wondering when it’s appropriate to bend the “2% Rule” — this episode explores that, too!

Whether you have experience as a real estate agent or not, don’t miss this inspiring show!

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In This Show We Cover:

  • How Dawn got started in real estate
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  • Thoughts on being a licensed real estate agent
  • The qualities that make a successful agent
  • A real estate agent’s perspective on what investors are looking for
  • The 2% rule — and how to know when to bend it
  • Importance characteristics of a great property
  • The process of “house hacking
  • What you need to know about property management
  • How to handle tenant issues with grace
  • The process of qualifying tenants
  • Different perspectives on owning a home
  • The ins and outs of establishing relationships with property managers
  • The pros and cons of self management versus hiring the job out
  • Tenant red flags and finding the ideal tenant
  • Plus MUCH more!

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