BiggerPockets Podcast 107: Making $47,000 On Your First Deal with Jonathan Makovsky

BiggerPockets Podcast 107: Making $47,000 On Your First Deal with Jonathan Makovsky

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Many new investors lose money on their first, second, and third deal. There is a steep learning curve when trying to invest in real estate and, while the loss is painful, it’s very common. However, not for today’s guest. Today we sit down with Jonathan Makovsky, a new investor from the tri-state area who had incredible success right out of the gate!

If you are a new investor trying to find the right way to get started or if you’ve been investing for years but want to improve your game – don’t miss this impressive interview with Jonathan!

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In This Show We Cover:

  • How Jonathan got started with a push from mom
    BiggerPockets-Podcast-Cover 300 300
  • Tips on taking advice to best push your business forward
  • Exactly how many houses Jonathan looked at per day in search of a deal
  • The benefits of having a real estate license
  • The lessons to be learned by failing on your first deals
  • How to use direct mail for marketing
  • The details of Jonathan’s first property, purchased for $150,000
  • How to find a partner through BiggerPockets
  • What exactly “racer math” is
  • The pros and cons of letters and postcards
  • Jonathan’s experiences with office building
  • How to make a partnership work
  • Tips on using BiggerPockets as a tool for success
  • Plus MUCH more!

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