7 Years to 7 Figure Wealth

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This is the eBook I wrote to give away on my old blog - so I thought I would throw it up on here to let everyone on BP read it to. Keep in mind - this is just my philosophy of real estate investing, put to "real numbers." This isn't legal advice or some "guru plan" to get rich (despite the guru-y name!) Enjoy it, use it to help understand how wealth building is possible through real estate, and share with a friend. And while we are at it - follow me on Twitter! @BrandonAtBP :)

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Read this for the second time. Great info and tips. Thank you for sharing!

Amanda Obregon | over 2 years ago  

Great read and it definitely got me back on track. Thanks for sharing!!

Brandon Owens | about 4 years ago  

Great read. Gave me lots of food for thought.

Stacey A Pelster | over 4 years ago  

Just curious, has this actually worked for anyone? Basically a gain of 5000% or 50 times on initial cash investment in 7 years?

NA P. | almost 6 years ago  

Thank you for this little book. I have shared it with my friends and they have started thinking seriously about real estate.

Hoseah Njuguna | almost 6 years ago  

HELP!! Download Not Working on mobile. I tried 4 times and it never started now I've hit a weekly limit.

Dontee Weaver | about 6 years ago  

Love it! Short and to the point.

Jeremey Allen | over 6 years ago  

Such an awesome read! Thanks for sharing!

Joshua Pavao | almost 7 years ago