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BiggerPockets Podcast 112: “Little Old Lady House” Investing with Mark Updegraff

BiggerPockets Podcast 112: “Little Old Lady House” Investing with Mark Updegraff

2 min read
The BiggerPockets Podcast

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Get ready for another incredible episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast! On today’s show we talk with real estate investor and property manager Mark Updegraff about buying homes from little old ladies, managing tenants with less stress — and who has the bigger beard: Brandon or Mark.

If you want to learn about developing a buying criteria, how to get great leads through BiggerPockets, the “extra step” you should most definitely take while screening tenants, and a whole lot more, then don’t miss out on this entertaining show!

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ls_logoWe just wanted to give a shout out to our podcast sponsor on today’s show: LandlordStation. LandlordStation provides online tools to small and midsize property managers or landlords throughout the US.

Learn more by visiting: LandlordStation.com and enter the coupon code biggerpockets

In This Episode We Cover:

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  • What everyone should know about growing beards
  • How Mark got started in real estate
  • How to find a 100 percent value neighborhood
  • Perspectives on Section 8 and slumlords
  • The “extra step” you should perform during tenant screening
  • Lessons learned from Mark’s very own property management business
  • Clever methods for finding deals
  • How Mark get leads through BiggerPockets
  • Mark’s take on real estate agents
  • How to develop a solid buying criteria
  • Thoughts on get-rich-quick schemes when it comes to real estate
  • And SO much more!

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  • “We go through our policies up front so they know that we take our business seriously.” Share on Twitter
  • “I’m not trying to sell people things that I don’t agree with.” Share on Twitter
  • “The secret to why I’ve been so successful is that I don’t screw around.” Share on Twitter
  • “The first person to establish a relationship to the other agent has an upper hand when it comes to closing the deal.” Share on Twitter
  • “Your net worth is in your network.” Share on Twitter

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