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Six Months Left: How to Crush It on Your Real Estate Goals the Rest of 2018!

Half the year is over... so it's time to DOUBLE DOWN on your goals and hit the 2nd half of the year HARD! Finish 2018 with a BANG! Join Brandon Turner, host of The BiggerPockets Podcast, LIVE as he shares 11 killer tips for making the rest of 2018 your best real estate investing year ever!

You’ll learn the tools, tips, tricks, tactics needed to double, triple, or even 10x your investment portfolio by the end of this year. And be sure to bring a notebook - you’ll have pages of actionable notes when you get done!

Financial Independence Through... Single Family Houses? Here's How!

Single family homes (SFRs) can be a fantastic investment for those who shop smart, analyze correctly, and execute proficiently! In this brand-new webinar from BiggerPockets, that's exactly the strategy you are going to learn!

We'll be covering:

  • WHY single family homes make great investments
  • WHAT kind of strategy is best when investing in SFRs
  • WHERE to find great single family deals
  • HOW to finance your next SFR - even if you don't have a lot of cash
  • and so much more!
  • Don't miss this powerful webinar from BiggerPockets!

How to Analyze Rental Properties for Maximum Cash Flow

Rental properties can be one of the world's best ways to build wealth and passive income. However - if you don't have the right math going into a deal, you'll never get the right profit coming out of it.

So level up your analyzing skills in this LIVE webinar, hosted by Brandon Turner of the BiggerPockets Podcast! You'll learn how to accurately estimate the current/future value, income, expenses, repairs, cash flow, and more!

How to Retire Early Through Real Estate Investing!

Imagine a life where you can work when you want, how you want, on what you want, with whomever you want!

For most of the world - this is nothing but a dream, but for real estate investors, it’s possible IF you take the right actions. That’s why on this webinar, Brandon Turner (investor, bestselling author, and host of The BiggerPockets Podcast) will unveil the exact process needed to build your real estate empire to help you achieve that financial independence - no matter what your current financial position looks like.

In this live online class, you’ll learn:

  • What types of properties are best for financial freedom - and which you should DEFINITELY avoid
  • How to build that portfolio even if you live in an expensive market
  • How to start working your plan even if you don’t have a lot of cash to begin
  • and so much more.

    Don’t miss this brand-new, live webinar. Space is limited so be sure to sign up now and show up early to ensure you have a spot!

How to Evaluate and Offer on Rental Properties

Everyone knows rental properties can add to your net worth and provide consistent cash flow. But how do you ensure you build your portfolio with solid properties that make that goal a reality?

On this LIVE webinar, Brandon Turner (co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast) shares the exact step by step process that even "newbies" can use to weed out the bad deals and snag the best!