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Investing in Multifamily Properties in a HOT Real Estate Market with Serge Shukhat

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Investing in Multifamily Properties in a HOT Real Estate Market with Serge Shukhat

Everyone wants to invest in multifamily properties. (Well, almost everyone.) But with the market heating up around the country, great deals are becoming incredibly difficult to find. That’s why we had to bring back one of our most popular guests on the BiggerPockets Podcast, Serge Shukhat.

The last time we talked with Serge back in episode 60, Serge told us how he built up a massive portfolio in just a few years. But if you were impressed then, this show is going to blow you away. Filled with TONS of actionable tips, stories and warnings, this is one episode you are going to want (and need) to listen to over and over again.

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In This Episode We Cover:

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  • How Serge got started in real estate
  • What he’s been up to since his last episode
  • What value add and value add investors are
  • What you need to know about commercial lending
  • How he used seller financing for his 32 units
  • The 3 components of successfully purchasing multifamily properties
  • The ins and outs of cap rate and exit cap rate
  • Why Serge does his own property management
  • Things to avoid when value add investing
  • What exactly submetering is
  • Instances when overlooking things may cause problems later on
  • Thoughts on using multi-units as vacation rentals
  • How to train resident managers and tenants
  • The importance of changing your strategy depending on the market
  • What you should know about long term 30-year fixed financing
  • What secondary markets are — and why Serge likes them
  • How to connect with owners and resident managers
  • How to keep a competitive advantage
  • And SO much more!

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  • “Time is not your enemy in real estate, time is your friend.” (Tweet This!)
  • “Be on a location where people want to be.” (Tweet This!)
  • “No matter how successful you are, you got to keep moving forward.” (Tweet This!)

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