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Replacing Your Income with Real Estate as a DIY Landlord with Eric Drenckhahn

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Replacing Your Income with Real Estate as a DIY Landlord with Eric Drenckhahn

How do you build up an arsenal of relevant landlording knowledge? Through hands-on experience. Eric Drenckhahn is a “DIY landlord” who has managed his mid-sized portfolio for years and who has come across countless maintenance and landlording issues. Join us in picking his experienced mind across a myriad of real estate issues and learn how to become a successful DIY landlord.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Eric got started investing in real estate
  • Thoughts on buying properties for what they’re worth
  • The reason he waited for 8 years before investing again
  • Why the real estate crash didn’t hurt him
  • Tips for determining your CapEx
  • How to become a DIY maintenance landlord
  • A discussion on DIY vs. hiring it out
  • What you should know about managing properties
  • Instances where doing it yourself goes a long way
  • What’s next for with Eric
  • And SO much more!

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