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LLCs, House Hacking, and Saving on Taxes with Brandon Hall

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LLCs, House Hacking, and Saving on Taxes with Brandon Hall

What has five letters but causes so much fear that millions of wannabe investors never get started? That’s right: TAXES. But taxes don’t need to be scary — and understanding and utilizing the tax system can actually help grow your business and help you build incredible wealth. That’s why we’re excited today to sit down with Brandon Hall, a CPA and real estate investor who works exclusively with real estate investors to help them strategize and organize their business in the most cost-saving way possible. We cover Brandon’s real estate journey, including house hacking, LLCs, S-Corps, bookkeeping, and so much more. You’ll love Brandon’s engaging and entertaining personality, and for once in your life, you might even enjoy learning about taxes!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How Brandon realized the need for a CPA through the BP community
  • How he grew his firm through the BiggerPockets Forums
  • The importance of giving value to others
  • The details on his three-unit property
  • Tips for hiring a “leverage property manager”
  • How to find investors in your community
  • The details on his second triplex
  • Why he focuses on multifamily
  • How he funds his deals through FHA loans
  • The way he looks at PMI
  • A mistake he is guilty of when it comes to inherited tenants
  • Training your tenants and other management hacks
  • The tax benefits of house hacking
  • Mistakes he’s made in his real estate investing
  • Tips for finding a good CPA
  • Advice for those deciding whether to use an LLC or not
  • What you should know about LLCs
  • Things to know about the “real estate professional” tax designation
  • When to hire a bookkeeper
  • Common mistakes investors make with taxes
  • And SO much more!

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  • “The ongoing tax strategy throughout the year, that’s the time to save money.” (Tweet This!)

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