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Announcing BiggerPockets PRO Basic: Better Networking, New Search, and More

Today is a big day for us here at BiggerPockets, with the launch of Version 6.4 of the site!

Here's a look at the new changes:

Introducing BiggerPockets PRO Basic! 

Since the launch of our BiggerPockets PRO accounts, many users have requested that we add an additional tier of membership that is less expensive, but which has valuable features to enhance their experience on the site.  I'm happy to announce that we've created that tier -- BiggerPockets PRO Basic -- and have brought many of the old PRO features to our new PRO Basic members for the LOW price of ONLY $5/month


Better Networking:

We've rebuild our "Find Members" page.  The new page still shows the newest members and our PRO members, but there is an important addition.  

Find Users Using our Label Filter System! 

We've created a new search functionality that allows our users to find members based on the labels they have set in their profile, including occupation and interests, the markets the service, the number of deals they have done, and any certifications they may have.

Our PRO Basic members can also click on labels on a user's profile and find other users sharing a similar label.

We expect the label sorting and search functionality to vastly enhance the way users find and network with one another.  Even if you're not a PRO or PRO Basic member, we strongly URGE you to edit your profile and label yourself

Send More Colleague Requests:

Instead of being limited to having 10 standing colleague requests at a time, our PRO Basic members now have 15

PM both Colleagues and Followers:

Instead of only being able to send a private message to your colleagues, our PRO Basic members can also send a PM to those people who follow them. 

Join More Groups:

Instead of being able to join only 20 groups, our PRO Basic members can join up to 40 groups.

More Property Notifications:

We've upped the number of property notifications you can set from 3 filters to 10 filters.  

Manage More Tasks:

Instead of only being able to create 5 tasks in our Task Management system, our PRO Basic members can create up to 15 tasks.  Additionally, ALL members can now create Categories to better organize all of their tasks.

Download More Files:

Our PRO Basic members can download up to 15 files from our FilePlace per week, an increase from the 10 per week our free members can download.

Make Private File Uploads:

Our PRO Basic members can now upload and save their real estate files in their own private file repository. Whereas our free members can only upload files that they wish to share with others, PRO members can utilize their own private, cloud based file-management system.

Search Your PM Inbox:

Our PRO Basic members have the ability to search the contents of their private message inbox.  Those users who regularly use our PM system to communicate with others will find this search quite helpful in locating those messages you were looking for.

Post in Our Dealmaking and Marketplace Forum Areas:

Posts in our Dealmaking and Marketplace forum areas generate hundreds to thousands of views each.  We've made it so users now must have either at least a PRO Basic account in order to start a new thread in some of these forums, and in others, you will need an upgraded account to post or reply.

Our Q&A forums will forever remain free to view, post, or reply in, but we felt that charging to access the areas of the forums where users directly benefit financially, was a necessicary change to ensure the ongoing future growth of BiggerPockets.

All forums that require a PRO Basic or PRO account clearly designate this on their main index page, but include:


Make Deals, Find Partners, Mentors & BirdDogs, etc. Promote Your Real Estate Buyer's List Property Wanted Seeking Financing, Money, or Loans Tax Liens, Notes, Paper, & Cash Flows Dealmaking Bulk REO Discussion and REO Dealmaking


Mortgages & Lending
Residential Property, Land, & Farms For Sale
Real Estate Events & Happenings
Commercial Properties for Sale or Lease
Domains & Website Reviews
Classifieds - Promote your Website, Newsletter, or Product


More to Come . . .

We are also working with our partners to bring offers and incentives to our PRO Basic members.  As these are announced, we'll be sure to let everyone know about them!

What are you waiting for? 

Upgrade to BiggerPockets PRO Basic or PRO Today!

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  1. Tiny 1399315588 avatar jonk

    I'm in. Thanks for this tweener option, Josh.

  2. Tiny 1491858518 avatar biggerpo

    Thank you, Mike. I truly believe that there is a ton of value in this new BiggerPockets Tier, and we will continue to add to that value as the site further develops. Just the visibility that someone gets from one of their posts in our dealmaking and marketplace forums alone (hundreds to thousands of views each), make the $5/month membership well worth the expense. I hope you'll consider an upgrade yourself, Mike, and hope that you and others will continue to spread the word about BiggerPockets!

  3. Tiny 1399472294 avatar mikeytm

    Josh, you are really creating a TOP site for Everyone. Thank you for your hard work!!!