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Back like I never left!

Hey guys,

It's me again, just wanting to post a little success I suppose. It's currently 2:30 pm and I just came by from my first closing of the year after just getting started back in the business 25 days ago. I was able to wholesale a property that I found with the help of a fellow investor. Got it under contract two weeks ago and closed today! Walked away with a nice profit of 4K to be split with my business partner in our LLC!! I just want to thank all you guys on BP for your stories of success and especially people like  @Sharon Vornholt @Lamar Cannon and even more. Really showed that this business isn't easy, but with the right model and business practices you can be successful. Now its time to move on to the next one and get ready to finish off this 90 Day Challenge as well!!

Thanks for reading!


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    Nice @Junior Salters !

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    JR - Congrats on your first closing!  Jump on our Success Stories forum and share some details on the deal so 1) we can cheer you on, 2) people can see what kind of deals you're doing and, 3) you can motivate other new investors that they, too, can do it.

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    Job Well done. CONGRATS!