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Time Saving Tips for Temecula CA Property Managers and Landlords

By Sidney Kutchuk, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

Managing a property can be quite stressful, these are ways Temecula CA property managers can help you. Read More

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Storage Rules When Moving Your Home

By Heather Anderson, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

?Moving to a new place for one or another reason is a process that definitely requires a lot of planning. Read More

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How to find a good Realtor

By Sean Brooks, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

How to select a good Realtor that will work with you. Read More

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Teaching Your Kids to Participate in the Real Estate Process

By Toyin Dawodu, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

When you join as a member of GIC, it’s a good idea to recruit your children to participate in the process. Read More

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3 Things Everyone (Especially REIs) Can Learn From American Pickers

By Dru Steeby, over 2 years ago with 2 comments

What can real estate investors learn from watching the TV show American Pickers? Read on to find out! Read More

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From Home to Rental in Less Than a Week

By Emily Du Plessis, almost 3 years ago with 2 comments

Within one week we listed, showed, screened, and rented our primary house and turned it into a rental! Read More

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Zero 2 Sixty

By Tamir Walton, over 2 years ago with 0 comments

As the name suggests, this blog will give a detailed account of my journey from absolutely nothing to sixty deals. Week by week, in real time. Read More

Small 1399609396 avatar johngoes

From Lurking to Doing.

By John Gossett, over 2 years ago with 4 comments

Starting the Real Estate Investing Journey. Read More

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The Plan for the next 12 months

By William Johnson, over 2 years ago with 1 comment

It is time to draw a line in the sand and announce to the world my intentions and objectives for the next year and how I will concretely achieve them. Read More

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