Latest Episode • February 25, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 134: Why Some People Will Never Succeed (& Others Always Will) by Steve Rozenberg

What is the number one reason that some people succeed and others don’t, in any economy and in any environment? We are going to dig deep into this question. We all know many people who, in multiple different environments and different situations, always seem to find a way to come out on top and w ... show more

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February 24, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 133: Thinking Beyond Cash Flow: 3 Underappreciated Real Estate Wealth-Builders by Matt DeBoth

No one buys rental properties or invests in real estate to lose money. Losing money should never be a goal for any investor in any asset class. Although we are in a very different economy than we were ... show more

February 23, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 132: Investing in Real Estate Mortgage Notes: How to Earn Passive Income Without Tenants or Toilets by Scott Smith

Welcome to the exciting world of real estate note investing! While you might think that I’m being sarcastic, please note that I’m 100% serious. Investing in real estate notes is a unique alternative t ... show more

February 22, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 131: 6 Tips for Listing Your Rental Property Online by Remen Okoruwa

There is good news and bad news for landlords who are struggling to find tenants for vacant units. Thankfully, the bad news isn’t all that bad. But for your business to succeed, you will have to move ... show more

February 21, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 130: 9 Ways to Save Money You Have Probably Never Tried by G. Brian Davis

You know all the common savings tips: cut the cord on cable and your landline phone, pack your own lunch for work, stop buying $5 Starbucks lattes, quit smoking, have your spouse cut your hair. All ... show more

February 20, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 129: The Top 6 Reasons Why Landlords Should Charge Late Rent Fees by Remen Okoruwa

Many landlords have a tough job charging late fees. You probably want to show some understanding if someone is having a tough time. It’s also challenging to slap on extra fees for late rent if you hav ... show more

February 19, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 128: This Is the Sweet Spot for Breaking Into Multifamily Investing by Brandon Turner

There are a lot of people looking for the same type of deals—the value-add, the larger apartments that are going to make them a bunch of money. That said, I like to think that there’s a sweet spot in ... show more

February 18, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 127: This One Factor Makes Growing Your Wealth Almost Guaranteed by Tamar Hermes

Being around new real estate investors every day gives me a glimpse into the trials of getting started. Is real estate too good to be true, and does it only work for the lucky few? Chances are, if you ... show more

February 17, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 126: If You Want Stable Returns, Consider Investing in Farmland—Here’s Why by Scott Smith

Farms are the backbone of our nation. Therefore, it makes sense that farmland is the backbone of many lucrative real estate investment portfolios. With its attractive tax advantages and resilience ... show more

February 16, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 125: 3 Investments To Insulate Your Real Estate Portfolio From a Market Downturn by Logan Freeman

Diversification can be defined as investors putting their money in multiple companies across multiple industries to maintain a certain level of return. But diversification is equally as important—albe ... show more

February 15, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 124: The Rise of Remote Real Estate Investing (and How to Get in on the Action) by Tom Schneider

We all know that real estate is about location, location, location. But what a lot of investors don’t know is how easy it is to invest in rental property in a different city or state. Remote real e ... show more

February 14, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 123: Opinion: You Should Only Invest in B-Class Properties—Here’s Why by Engelo Rumora

I may be a bit biased. Why? Because I run a real estate company and we specialize in B-class properties. So please forgive me, but that’s what I’m going to be talking to you guys about today. But I al ... show more

February 13, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 122: Do Recession-Resistant Investments Actually Exist? (Hint: Sort Of) by Sergio Altomare

There's a buzzword that's recently been making the rounds in the real estate investment space: recession-resistant. (Or worse yet, "recession-proof.") “Protect your investments with this recession- ... show more

February 12, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 121: How To Buy Land: Know What Questions To Ask Before Making Your First Investment by Scott Smith

If you are considering land for commercial use as part of your real estate investing approach, you’re on the right track. Generally speaking, land (such as vacant lots and raw land for development) ... show more

February 11, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 120: How Savvy Landlords Find Maintenance Professionals by Remen Okoruwa

It’s the middle of the night and your phone rings. You wake up in a panic, wondering what tragedy has happened. Then you hear a distraught tenant on the other end of the line saying that the toilet ... show more

February 10, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 119: Remodeling During COVID? These Home Improvement Projects Offer the Best ROI by Jamie Greenberger

The COVID-19 pandemic and seemingly unending months of lockdown and quarantine have meant people are spending more time at home than ever before. Combined with the millions of Americans still working ... show more

February 9, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 118: The Simple 6-Step Process for Estimating Rehab Costs by Brandon Turner

One of the hardest parts of leveling up your real estate investment skills is learning how to properly estimate rehab costs. Watching a seasoned investor look at a run-down properly and quickly cite a ... show more

BiggerPockets Daily Podcast

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