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Check out our new podcast On The Market wherever you listen to podcasts. Also check out or new Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxDXuLvtjJ9Est8PrG3i2VA Check out our 2nd Data Drop at: www.BiggerPockets.com/DataDrop2

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Learned lots of interesting topics everyday. more power to your podcast

Tomas Dy | about 1 month ago  

Great Stuff and thank you for the Podcast, it is very valuable.

Baris R. | 3 months ago  

Great information. Thank you

Bishnu Bhandari | 3 months ago  

Absolutely love the new podcast! As you were doing predictions for 2022, wondering if you've happened to look back at what the experts and economists were saying about the housing market, rent appreciation, investing, etc back before the mid-2000s crash. I think it could make an interesting bit of an episode...

Jodi Hullinger | 3 months ago  

You rock! Thank you and I love the new show!

Ubaldo Arriaga | 4 months ago  

Thank you! How was this data collected and aggregated? fred?

Nick Mackowski | 4 months ago  

Love On the Market Podcast!! Very helpful and informative. Thank you for the data. Keep up the great work.

Esperanza Colon | 4 months ago  

Excellent stuff, greatly appreciate it!

Greg Bunn | 4 months ago  

This is incredible. Thank you for the new podcast. Just what I think we all need. And thank your for creating the data drop. I want to master the underwriting skill to "excel"-erate my real estate success.

Luis Valles | 4 months ago  

Fellow engineer and data nerd here, THANK YOU for this resource! Very much enjoying the new podcast.

Lauren Me | 4 months ago  

Loved the show! Thank you so much for this data! Incredible!!!!!

Melinda Davis | 4 months ago  

Love the new show. And the data in this data drop is amazing! Thank you.

Steve Tipps | 4 months ago  

This is great! Also really like the new podcast series. My suggestion for a future data drop would be home price history in a similar format to match up against this rental data ;)

Jamie Brady | 4 months ago  

Thank You!

Harold Cherrix | 4 months ago  

Thank you, this data is going to drop money in my biggerpockets.

Clayton Bray | 4 months ago  

Great data set! thank you very much!

Scott Goulet | 4 months ago  

Thanks for the data drop!

Jaime Mejia | 4 months ago  

Great first episode!

Frank A. | 4 months ago  

Great new podcast. So relevant for the market of the moment. Your data dump is awesome!

Tom Townsend | 4 months ago  

Awesome! Thank you for the resource.

Logan McKay Zylstra | 4 months ago  

Thanks for the info

Cris Mcrae | 4 months ago  

Thank you so much. Very valuable data.

Kristian Demsky | 4 months ago  

Thank you David and team for an amazing podcast and for offering up this complementary data drop. Very insightful podcast and as an analyst turned real estate investor myself, just love these data driven topics/episodes. Keep em coming!

George Kopp | 4 months ago  

As an engineer and data nerd, I have to say I love the new show. Great job and thanks for this amazing data set!

Audra Bailes | 4 months ago  

Great show. Very insightful, especially to someone new to the game like myself. I look forward to listening and learning more from you guys. Thanks for the data also. Very helpful :)

Matthew Natale | 4 months ago  

New favorite BP podcast!

Lacy Hedstrom | 4 months ago  

Really enjoyed the show and appreciated the very useful information. And this data dump. Wow. Thank you!!

Jake Aguirre | 4 months ago  

Excellent show! Looking forward to future episodes.

Larry And Kyle | 4 months ago  

Awesome show!!!

Nathaniel Washam | 4 months ago  

u da man

Joe Chapman | 4 months ago  

BOOM, the man ty ty ty ty

Frankie Monahan | 4 months ago  

That was a great episode! And thank so much for the data!!

Sangita Massey | 4 months ago  

For the First Sheet, where it says "number of properties" Is the in reference to 1) Number of properties created? OR 2) Number of properties vacant/available?

Elise Wheeler | 4 months ago  

Thank you. Very informative.

Jacqueline Izquierdo | 4 months ago  

Loved the new podcast! Thank you BP!

Randy Bryan | 4 months ago  

My new favorite BP podcast. Thanks for the data!

Justin Klein | 4 months ago  

Love the show! Thank you for the invaluable data

Cameron Cooper | 4 months ago  

Very helpful. Thank you!

Dave Smith | 4 months ago  

awesome data!

Dan Hermsen | 4 months ago