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Probate Letter sent to PR

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This is an example of a letter used for Probate cases. I send it to the Personal Representative (PR) or Executor (each state decided the name of this person but it is the same thing).

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Small 1413598058 avatar wubbieta
Great Letter and Thanks!

Shawn C. | over 1 year ago  

Small 1448387237 avatar wilseere
I've been using this letter for a few weeks now. Although I only send about a dozen at the start of each week I'm getting 1-2 interested calls of them. Pretty call response rate if you ask me!

Steven J. | over 3 years ago  

Small 1399601183 avatar tiotony
Somewhere in the letter "This allows you to sell the home outside most of the Probate Court’s “red tape” and proceed forward to the final distribution." should be added. In CA "final distribution" is a court order that closes a probate file. All 'n all good intro letter.

Mark Pedroza | about 4 years ago  

Small 1399709830 avatar mbarrios
I have to agree. This is a great letter Nerissa

Marissa Barrios | over 4 years ago  

Small 1399590635 avatar mhaller1
Outstanding letter. Thanks!!

Michele Haller | over 6 years ago