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Anyone have any recent dealings with Ocwen...preferably successful ones?  I am submitted an offer on two duplexes that just started the short sale process.  They have been listed for 6 months without an offer.  Now I am being told it has to be listed on Hubzu.  

Anyone have success in last several months with negotiating a short sale with Ocwen without having to take the auction site detour?  Does it vary by market?  

Any tips you are willing to share would be appreciated.


Hi Chris,

Based on my experience unfortunately I don't have any better news for you. We have a couple properties in our area which have been vacant for over a year and a half. The foreclosed loans were sold to Ocwen and they have given us the same response, have to wait for it to go to auction.

I haven't pressed very hard at this point so if you get any better results please let us all know.

Best of luck!


I have recent approvals from Ocwen. From a listing agent standpoint Hubzu is not an issue as they seem to rarely pull in a buyer with a higher offer than the MLS did.

The seller is going to have to go with the flow with Hubzu, but they may be able to keep it under SHOW status which will deter 99% of the buyers anyway. 

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