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Bryan Smith

Mar 22 '10, 03:28 PM

Hello all,

I am in fayetteville Ar, and I am looking for a RE attorney that is investor friendly and has Short Sale experience if possible one with a title company too. Can anyone recommend one to me?

Thanks all,

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Danielle C.

Real Estate Investor from Naperville (Chicago), Illinois

Mar 23 '10, 03:10 AM

Hello Bryan,

I am not in your area and cannot recommend a RE investor friendly attorney. If no one responds with suggestions that are directly local to you, you may want to contact the closest Real Estate Investment club in your area. These are great places to network to build your buyer list, find RE investor friendly attorneys, RE agents and even references to Title Companies.

Best wishes,

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James Ward

Real Estate Investor from Ocala, Florida

Mar 23 '10, 03:13 AM

Another place you can look, is go to your state Bar website. Most state will refer an Attorney that is in good standing with the Bar. You can then call and talk to several of them. Make sure you like and want to conduct business with them.

Good luck, a good attorney can make or break your Real Estate Business!

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