22yo ready to get my hands dirty...only problem? Crazy Market!

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Hello Everyone! I just graduated from college in May, been working remotely since then saving money and studying the market to get into my first deal. I was planning to househack a tri- or 4plex using FHA financing, but the market has drastically changed over the last few months.

In the areas outside major metro areas which were easier to find deals in pre-covid (looking in NYC/NJ area for example), everything in the residential market is much more expensive and competitive. I was keen on getting experience (even if this means finding a single family instead), but is it wiser to wait and see if the market fluctuates? 

Nobody has a crystal ball and when it comes to investing of all sorts time is your best friend.  Don't try to time the market, if you relate it to stocks, a person who bought at every market peak comes out ahead of someone who sat on the sidelines.