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Mike McKinzie
I think we are talking about two different things. What you are describing to me as a handyman or a realtor who leases a unit for a landlord is more better termed a "landlord extender". There is no law that says landlords literally can't use ANYONE to help them. To the contrary a landlord using landlord extenders is totally different than a peppery manager sitting in the income/rental stream.

Your landlord extender does not have his/her hand in the cookie jar. This is a MAJOR problem with managers. IF they agree to have rents directly deposited into your account FIRST that is a different story. That's a manger worth talking to.

 Direct deposit rent is the only way to do this. The bigger issue for me is who is on call and local to do work. I guess there are plenty of various licensed contractors however talk about digging a hole. I recently had a sewer line needing cleanout and got quoted $105 that turned into $260 because the plumbers wouldn't bring the machine that was required on the roof to do it (I have done this singularly several times by myself). They called me nuts and I must be for paying them some $95/hr to dig holes looking for the sewer line. Gladly they found a cleanout on the ground buried that I didn't know about. Funny thing they clogged the system worse this way, tried to change order me into more "plumbing" and almost left before I demanded they let me try their equipment on the roof myself which worked. I don't want to be indispensable in my rentals. I want to expand greatly. Mentors please rescue me from my go-it-alone-itus.