Just paid $4000 for 3day workshop. Thumbs up or down?

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@Jeremiah Akindele

I have learned lots of valuable information from 2 specific guys that post videos on YouTube,

Graham stephan and meet kevin.

From how to get your credit score higher to how to handle tenants properly, the information between these two has been great for me.

They both offer courses around 400$ but i have found for now that their free info is more than enough to get you in the right direction.

If anyone else here watches them, what are your thoughts on them, and has anyone paid for the courses? Ive heard great things but id like to hear from someone on here.

Also have to recommend brandon turners book on rental property investing , a 25$ book that will give you tons of info.

@Jeremiah Akindele  

This is very interesting. My first reaction is WOW, that is a lot of money and a RIP OFF! 

But, is it though? We, as humans, are not one-bit rational beings. Some may say WHAT DO YOU MEAN, Ola? 

I can bet you paid that kind of money for a relatively complex REI strategy and not how to buy a SFH rental? If it is please correct me!

If my doctor or dentist tells me that he/she paid a bunch of money to get their degree, I would NOT say WOW your university RIPPED you OFF, would I? No, because they are earning a ton of money now, same as some REI strategies if you get right you could earn a ton of money!

Guys, yes, there are a lot of "GURUS" out there, but there are also a lot "TIME LEECHERS" out there. Goes both ways! I see this first hand. 

If you are REALLY interested in learning a COMPLEX REI strategy, then be prepared to invest in YOURSELF.
THE INVESTMENT is for YOU and not the COACH, GURU, MENTOR whatever you call that person. Remember, I talked how we, as human beings, are NOT rational. This is what I mean!  

We place little or no value to what we get for FREE. Yes, I can hear you from a mile away screaming and saying NO, I will place VALUE to it if you give it to me for free.  I say no you wouldn't. I have offer FREE apartment syndication weekend course here in MD, most people who RSVP'd didn't show up! Why? They didn't pay for it! Ponder on that... 🤔 

VET the mentor first, make the commitment to YOURSELF, and then invest in YOURSELF (in that order). The fact is, some REI strategies aren't a walk in the park (I know the mentors tell everybody can do it, but not everyone has the passion and perseverance) <--- This is fine too!

Remember, Mentors are not magicians, but they act as a guide and an accountability partner. 

@Jeremiah Akindele I went to a real estate investing workshop some years ago and after everything they asked for some ridiculous amount of money( I think $50k) for coaching. Tbh the best thing is to read books, self educate heavily, network and just try to get in the first deal. God bless!

@Jeremiah Akindele

I do believe that all the information is available on youtube and podcast if you want to put in the time. I personally started by listening to books and all of bigger pockets podcast every episode twice. Now if you do that you will have a very good idea of the basics of real estate. I've heard some bad stuff about these gurus, never really saw the value of the info. I assume it just works because you invested this much money you will be motivated to succeed. Now that being said I am considering spending 25k on a mentor but it is a guy who is very successful and not a big guru doing seminars. I would be getting direct contact to this person basically 24-7 and it's a very niche strategy that he is arguably the best at. I've heard some of these programs after you pay you are basically being coached by the main guys students who've done 3 or 4 deals. I agree with the above poster if you're learning a niche skill that is exactly what you plan on doing might be worth it.



This business model is a scourge on society. Most seminars popping up all over the country can be traced back to a couple of companies offering this canned business model to anyone with a monetizable name.

@Jeremiah Akindele

I paid $500 for a 3 day workshop and got enough info and ideas that I would say itnwas worth it. I did not buy into the more expensive course and am glad I did not. I stumbled across the Bigger Pockets forums as I was Google searching the course they were selling me and read member suggestions to read library books and listen to podcasts, and that's what I did. I now have two long term rentals and two short term rental properties, and I love it and plan to keep investing. Go educate yourself for free and invest that 40,000 into a property when you learn to analyze deals. You may not want to invest the way the course will have you do it. If you educate yourself you are free to chose the path that works with your goals.

You know I hate to say it but anybody dumb enough to give these groups 40k almost deserves to lose their money . Especially when they come to the end and advise you go to the back tables and talk to the experts on extending your credit card limits to join their platinum program . These people are all professional actors they probably don’t even own real estate . Do you really think that dean grazioso is doing rehabs on beat up houses ? The guy has probably never held a hammer in his life . Same with the rest of them . They are too busy whitening their teeth and brushing their hair to get dirty

@Jeremiah Akindele @Scott Trench posted this on the IG a couple weeks ago:

A good start for new and aspiring real estate investors:

*Listen to 100+ REI Podcasts

*Read 10 books on REI

*Watch 50 videos on difficult concepts

*Network with 15 local investors at coffee

*Interview 5 investor-friendly agents

*Write down exactly what a “good” deal is

*Analyze 25 deals that have SOLD recently

*Analyze 1 current listing/deal per week

*Get pre-approved for a loan

Now go spend $400 on the books and coffee, network and Get Some!

@Jeremiah Akindele

I did the same thing about 10 years ago and I even think I know which group You went with when You quoted the price.

I did learn a lot from that “ hotel conference”

Over the three days. I opted out of the 40k

One on one mentoring program. Hands down the best thing I ever did. As soon as they said put it on your credit card or take a loan, I knew that was not for me.

Here on Bigger Pockets You will get more information from this community than You can get anywhere. How forthcoming and willing this community is available to assist and guide You is amazing.

DO NOT put anyone money on these programs.

Becoming a Pro member on here will benefit You more.

I’ve been on here less than 6 months and what a wealth of knowledge I have gained.

Take whatever money You thought of investing in that part of your education and use it for a down payment on an investment property.

Good luck in You future endeavors.