Lost contact with Hubzu title company, can't reach a single person

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Saw lots of people posting experience dealing with hubzu, and here is my situation:

Won the bid, get everything signed, chose to go with hubzu's closing agent (I know it's a huge mistakes now...) and now it's the closing date, but heard nothing from them. Tried to call and email every number and address I can find online or on the contract. 100 calls to coordinator but all fall into voice mail. Even doubt if the person really exists or not. Call the company of listing agent, they told me they sent email to the coordinator and her manager, still no reply.

Don't know if anyone else that deals with hubzu had the same problem? If they can't close on the closing date I would say they at least send out a notification of extension. I saw several people posted on forum saying the closing took them more than 3 month and still nothing happen. Start to get very worried since my current lease ends this July. Hope someone can share some experience to get this problem solved.

Danyang Li,

Please send me your contact information to [REMOVED].  I want to investigate this ASAP and assist in any way I can with your closing.  I look forward to your response.  - Keith, Hubzu Customer Care

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