I'm looking for a good CPA in Louisville KY

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I use Patterson hardee and Ballentine in Nashville. They had an office here, but operate only from the Nashville office now. They handle my real estate and other business accounting.

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Hey All,

I'm looking for a good CPA that is knowledgeable in Real Estate tax law.  Any recommendations would be much appreciated.  


Mike Vanover

I've been happy with Steve Plaut.  I've been using him for 5 years or so.  

H. Steven Plaut, CPA
Plaut & Associates, PSC

6004 Brownsboro Park Blvd., Suite B Louisville, KY 40207

You can google his contact info.  BP wont let me post it.

@Mike Vanover

There are many options of finding a local CPA with experience in real estate tax strategies.

1. Use the search function if a BP member previously was in search of a CPA. I like this approach because you can ask the posters who they ended up using and if they like working with them.
I went ahead and pulled up 4 posts of Louisville BP members asking for a CPA.


2. Attend local real estate investment networking events. You can use the Events section of BP or go on meetup.com for groups/events.

3. Find the big players in Louisville on BP.
Add the keywords "Louisville" and/or "Kentucky" to the BP keyword alerts. You will notice that there are frequent posters who respond to topics with these keywords. Feel free to add these individuals to your network and ask who they use as a CPA.

4. If you are still unable to find a local CPA - Feel free to broaden your search by looking for a CPA that works with clients remotely. There are many CPA's on BP that do so.

In the meantime - feel free to ask any tax related questions. I would be glad to give my input.

I read your profile- It appears that you will partner with your son. Did you and your son create an entity? do you have an operating agreement in place? Have you both agreed how you will split the profits/losses?
You may be required to prepare a partnership return where the partnership will distribute a K-1 to each partner(you and your son).

Good luck on your search!